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Smith Optics x North Drinkware Equals the Ultimate Après Ski Collaboration

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Smith Optics x North Drinkware Equals the Ultimate Après Ski Collaboration

* All Photos credit Smith Optics and North Drinkware

For over 57 years Smith Optics has been bringing quality protection to your eyes and head to keep you safe while you embark on your mountain adventures. 

On the other hand, (although not for quite as long) North Drinkware brings that adventure right to your table. Their hand-blown glassware features many of the iconic mountains we play on for you to enjoy while drinking an iced cold beverage. 

In their own right, Smith Optics and North Drinkware are the best of the best. 

Now those two worlds collide as Smith Optics and North Drinkware have partnered up to give you the ultimate après-ski collaboration with their limited edition Obsidian Glass Collection

A Collaboration that Protects Your Eyes and Your Beer? 

Smith Lowdown 2 Sunglasses

The limited-edition collection debuts Smith’s first Lowdown 2 sunglasses with ChromaPop™ polarized glass lenses alongside North’s black tinted topographic Mt. Hood Pint pint glass, made exclusively for the project of blown obsidian glass.

That's right, a tinted pint glass.

Now your eyes and your beer will be protected from those harmful UV rays. 

In all honesty, I'm not sure if UV rays hurt your beer (at the least, they warm it) or if the tinted glass will even do anything to protect it. However, what the obsidian glass does do is honor the majestic features and formation of Mt. Hood – the iconic volcanic peak located in Oregon’s Cascade Range.

Drawing Inspiration From Mt. Hood

North Drinkware Mt. Hood Obsidian Tinted Glass

The Pacific Northwest is known for its stunning elevated landscape. Amidst this legendary topography, Mt. Hood stands as a pinnacle feature within the state of Oregon. The active volcano produces obsidian, a hard, dark glasslike rock formed by the rapid solidification of lava without crystallization. 

SMITH optics and North Drinkware are both headquartered in the shadows of this iconic volcano. The two brands drew upon their unique geographic connection to Mt. Hood as inspiration for their new collection.

North Drinkware x Smith Optics

While the bottom of the North Drinkware Mt. Hood Glass features an accurate USGS 3D Data of Mt. Hood blown into its base, it is not the only part of the collaboration to feature the volcano. The temples of the Lowdown 2 also include a representation of the majestic terrain. That, along with the black glass tints of both the sunglass lenses and pint glass bring the magic and beauty of obsidian and its Oregon roots to life.

SMITH x North Obsidian Glass x Après Ski Clothes

Sold as a set in ready-to-gift packaging, the SMITH x North Obsidian Glass Collection ($299) is available exclusively on Smith Optics and select Pacific-Northwest retailers.

What's a good pair of sunglasses and a pint glass without the right après ski clothes? 

Ummmmm, nothing. 

That's why you need to pick up your Raised on Après Ski T-shirt. While SMITH and North Drinkware pay tribute to the iconic Mt. Hood, we salute those who grew up with après ski in their blood. Slightly less awe-inspiring their dedication to their craft is worth noting. 

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