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Rule the Water With Costa Sunglasses 4oth Anniversary King Tide

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Rule the Water With Costa Sunglasses 4oth Anniversary King Tide

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Costa Sunglasses, is turning 40! Whether lounging on the sand or fishing on a boat, Costa sunglasses have done right by our eyes for four decades. Now it's time to celebrate. 

To commemorate its success, the brand has launched its most advanced frame to date, the King Tide. The sunglasses are named after the impressive high tide that occurs during the ideal alignment of the Earth and moon. With the King Tide frames, the brand is helping water enthusiasts gain the ultimate advantage on the water, thanks to its innovative design that combines performance and style.

4oth Anniversary Brings 2 Styles of New Costa Sunglasses

Cost Sunglasses King Tide 6

Costa's King Tide frame utilizes the research and innovation from every frame that came before it, making it the ultimate performance-enhancing accessory for activities on and off the water. Offering two styles, the King Tide 6 and the King Tide 8 frames are built to meet the distinct needs of different types of water activities.

“King Tide is a historical launch moment for Costa, it’s the culmination of every innovation and lesson we’ve learned in our 40 year history,” says John Sanchez, VP of Global Product Strategy.

The King Tide 6 is a medium-wrap, six-base frame that caters to those who require performance in all of their watery pursuits. Every detail, from the removable side shields for optimal use on and off the water to the shark-inspired venting system for a zero-fog effect, is designed to enhance comfort and performance.

For elite anglers who demand the most from every cast, the King Tide 8 full-wrap, eight-base version is the way to go. It offers a range of technical chops, including top-of-the-line sweat management and non-skid hooding to keep your frames secure when the water gets rough.

Costa Sunglasses King Tide: A Game Changer

What makes this launch special is its three-phase release.  In recognition and appreciation of Costa's origins in brick and mortar stores, select VIP specialty retailers gained access to the King Tide 6 & 8 on July 7. On July 11, Costa released a 40th Anniversary Limited Edition collectors frame with a never-before-seen 580G gold lens. Finally, a worldwide launch will take place on September 15, when the frames will be widely available both online and in retail locations.

Whether you are an angler or a general water enthusiast, Costa's King Tide frames are a game-changer. The non-skid hooding ensures that the frames stay put whenever you make the biggest catch or tackle the biggest wave. Additionally, the sweat management system works to keep your vision clear, while the venting system minimizes fogging for an uninterrupted view.

Ultimately, Costa Sunglasses' King Tide frames are the perfect accessory for those who demand sustained peak performance on and off the water. They offer the ultimate in comfort, functionality, and durability, making them the perfect investment for anyone looking to level up their aquatic adventures.

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