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Outdoor Gear Review: Hillsound BTR Stool

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Outdoor Gear Review: Hillsound BTR Stool

It's been a minute since I have done a gear review. 

Sorry. That's totally on me. 

Nonetheless, with the winter and the holiday season fast approaching, I figured I was due to review outdoor gear.

People are always looking for good gift ideas, right? 

This week's outdoor gear review features the BTR Stool from Hillsound. Sometimes the best gear comes in the simplest and smallest packages. Made with lightweight materials and an easy-to-use telescoping folding design the BTR Stool will help you take a seat wherever you go. 

A Stool That's Lighter Than a Beer

BTR stool Hillsound

There is no question that this little stool is "better than a rock." And, a lot lighter too. So light, in fact, you can take it anywhere and probably forget it's there.

For the BTR stool, it all begins with the materials it's made of. The aluminum alloy legs and nylon seat combine to weigh next to nothing. In fact, the BTR comes in two sizes, 14''  and 17" weighing in at 12.02 oz and 14.01 oz respectively. 

Yup, you read that right. They each weigh less than a pint of beer. 

But what is even more impressive is that despite the stool's minimal weight and small stature, it can still hold up to 240 pounds. 

Not too shabby, for a stool that can fold up and fit right in your backpack. 

Is It Actually Better Than a Rock? 

BTR stool Hillsound


The setup is as simple as it gets. Pull out the telescoping legs to their fullest extension, twist the legs at the middle, then push the seat down and sit. It probably takes less than 10 seconds to set up and it's pretty comfortable despite its minimalistic nature. 

To be honest, the BTR is far more comfortable than a rock or log or any other hard surface you might sit on in nature. This is not only due to the soft mesh seat but also the stool's height. As a taller guy, I much prefer the 17" version which allows me to sit normally when compared to the 14" version. 

The BTR stool is also easy to take with you on the go. In fact, the ability to carry the stool with ease is actually one of its greatest benefits. When folded up the BTR takes up very little space and can fit comfortably into the primary compartment of your backpack or even a side pocket. I even tuck mine under the bench seat in the back of my pickup with little care given to how much space it takes up. 

Outdoor gear review

As mentioned earlier, the BTR is ideal for multiple situations including tailgating, hiking, bike-packing and more. One slight drawback though is that you are going to need a stable surface to set up on. Although the plastic feet have a good grip and can adjust slightly to the surface when leaning the stool could tip over.  

Overall the BTR stool from Hillsound is an excellent product. It's lightweight, easy to transport and set up and then quite comfortable despite its minimalism. The BTR can be used for a variety of activities including our favorite pastime, après ski tailgating. Then, once you finish your beers, fold the BTR up with ease and toss it back in the truck for your next adventure. 

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