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Photo Credit: G-Form

Offering Year Round Protection For Utah Excursions Starting With 2016/2017 Ski Season

PROVIDENCE, R.I., September 19, 2016 – G-Form, the leader in athletic impact protection, is excited to announce a partnership with Ski Utah  a membership organization representing Utah’s 14 alpine ski resorts, starting with the 2016/2017 ski season. The partnership makes G-Form the official protection sponsor across all of Ski Utah’s activities and partnership projects.  

“Ski Utah is excited to partner with G-Form,” said Nathan Rafferty, CEO/President of Ski Utah. “As we promote year-round outdoor recreational opportunities at Utah’s 14 mountain resorts it is comforting to know that G-Form, a leader in the impact protection world, will help keep us safe.”

Ski Utah’s prominence in Utah’s outdoor space makes it a perfect companion for G-Form, bringing together likeminded organizations that support a healthy and fun lifestyle with an emphasis on outdoor safety. With the priorities of each organization aligning as they do, the partnership highlights the growing importance of remaining safe and protected from potential injury while participating in active experiences.

“Utah is committed to giving visitors an exhilarating year-round experience and G-Form is thrilled to offer another way to enhance it,” said Michael De Leon, G-Form VP of Global Marketing. “G-Form offers products that continue to push the boundaries of impact protective wear across several sport categories and allow users to feel comfortable hitting the slopes in the winter or mountain biking in the summer. This partnership is a great collaboration and we are excited to kick it all off this ski season.”

Utah offers yearlong excitement with summer attractions – such as mountain biking, zip lining, hiking – and captivating winter experiences with The Greatest Snow on Earth®, while G-Form offers multi-season impact protection products that are the perfect accessory for year round Utah excursions.

Athletes prefer G-Form products because they sport soft padding and provide a low-profile and lightweight fit allowing for better mobility. Additionally, all G-Form protective wear is conveniently machine washable, waterproof, flexible and features Reactive Protection Technology (RPT) in which the pads harden on impact, absorbing and dissipating force before returning back to their soft state. G-Form offers protective gear for every body and is available in youth, women’s and men’s sizes. For more information about G-Form, visit, or follow TwitterFacebook, and Instagram

*All information is courtesy of Ski Utah

About G-Form

G-Form is a pioneer in the advancement of impact protection technology for athletes. The company's proprietary cutting edge materials and composites combine high-level impact protection with comfort, style, and complete freedom of motion. G-Form has become the chosen protective equipment of athletes across multiple categories, including MTB, BMX, skateboard, snowboard, soccer, and professional stunt.


About Ski Utah

Ski Utah is a membership association representing Utah’s $1.3 billion dollar wintersports industry, including 14 alpine ski resorts and a membership of over 250 industry partners. The organization has been creating brand awareness of and demand for the Utah wintersports product since its inception in 1978. Ski Utah’s primary functions are concentrated in marketing, public policy and public relations. Information about SkiUtah and its members can be found at, on Twitter and Instagram @SkiUtah and on Facebook a


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