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Camp Chef Gridiron 36: The Ultimate Après Adventure Grill

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Camp Chef Gridiron 36: The Ultimate Après Adventure Grill

As an adventurer myself, I know the feeling all too well of a day spent pushing your limits, conquering trails, or carving epic lines on the slopes. The day ends and you can hear your stomach growling. It's time for that glorious après moment. But what if you could ditch the overpriced lodge or restaurant fare and whip up something incredible yourself? Enter the Camp Chef Gridiron 36, a game-changing flat-top grill designed to be your après anything companion.

5 Key Components for Après Excellence

  1. Sturdy Enough for a Stampede: Built like a tank, but cooks like a dream, the Camp Chef Gridiron 36 isn't your flimsy backyard griddle. This bad boy feels like it could handle a stampede of hungry hangers-on (though we wouldn't recommend it). The hefty steel construction promises years of reliable use, and the stable base ensures even the most enthusiastic spatula-wielding won't send your dinner flying. So go ahead, flip those burgers with confidence - the Gridiron 36 can handle the heat and the force! 

    apres ski
  2. Sear Anything, Anywhere: The Camp Chef Gridiron 36 isn't your grandpa's grill. This bad boy throws a flat-top fiesta, offering up enough space to cook breakfast for a yeti army or sear fajita veggies like a champion. Imagine fluffy pancakes sizzling next to perfectly caramelized onions. Why? I really don't know. But, you can if you want to. And forget flipping flimsy grates – this cast iron griddle is your one-stop shop for everything from gourmet paninis to restaurant-worthy quesadillas. It's a party on a plate (well, a griddle) waiting to happen. 
  3. Light Up Your Life (Literally): Flamethrower Ignition!: Ditch the lighter fluid and forget the matchbox shuffle! The Camp Chef Gridiron 36 boasts a flamethrower ignition system that's as impressive as it sounds. Imagine this: a quick turn of the knob and a WHOOSH! – a lick of flame shoots out, lighting your burners with the precision of a culinary dragon. The Targaryens would be so proud. No more struggling with clicks and sputters, just pure, fiery satisfaction. This isn't just fancy showmanship, though. The flamethrower ignition guarantees a reliable start every time, so you can focus on what really matters – slinging burgers and sizzling fajitas like a pro. Now that's what we call turning up the heat (safely, of course).
  4. Level Up Your Grilling Game: No more playing Jenga with your pancakes! The Camp Chef Gridiron 36 boasts a surface leveling system, the culinary equivalent of a built-in spirit level. This ingenious feature ensures your flatbread gets evenly browned, not looking like it went on a roller coaster ride. Say goodbye to one side sporting a glorious char while the other remains stubbornly pale. It's a game-changer for perfectionists (and those of us who just like our breakfast to look good enough for Instagram). I wonder who I could be talking about... 
    cast iron griddle
  5. Cleanup is a Breeze: Let's face it, after a long day of adventure, the last thing you want to do is wrestle with a greasy grill. The Camp Chef Gridiron 36 takes the "ugh" out of cleanup with a built-in grease management system that's as smooth as a perfectly flipped burger. Imagine this: picture a generously sized grease trough strategically placed beneath the griddle, catching any rogue drips and splatters. But that's not all! This trough leads to a removable grease bucket, complete with disposable liners. It's like magic (or at least, the genius of good design) – you simply pull out the bucket, toss the liner, and voila! Clean-up conquered, time to relax and savor those delicious memories (and maybe another helping of grilled goodness).

The Perfect Après Anything Menu with the Camp Chef Gridiron 36

grilled vegetables

With the Gridiron 36's versatility, your après menu is limited only by your imagination. Here's a quick après ski or any adventure sample menu to get you inspired:

  • Seared Steak Sliders with Caramelized Onions: Sear succulent strips of steak on the griddle, then pile them high on mini buns with melty cheese and the Gridiron's signature caramelized onions.
  • Grilled Vegetable Wraps: Grill up colorful peppers, zucchini, and onions on the grate, then stuff them into warm tortillas with hummus and your favorite toppings.
  • S'mores for the Win: No après is complete without dessert! The cast iron griddle becomes the perfect platform for melty, gooey s'mores that are sure to satisfy your crew.

Final Verdict: The Gridiron 36 Makes Après Anything Possible

Camp Chef Gridiron 36

The Camp Chef Gridiron 36 isn't just a grill; it's an après adventurer's dream come true. While there are a few features that I don't love like the inability to fold the right shelf down due to the gas tank or the fact that it doesn't come with any accessories, its stability, power, and easy cleanup make it a no-brainer for anyone who wants to elevate their après experience. So ditch the overpriced lodge and restaurant food and fire up the Camp Chef Gridiron 36 – your taste buds (and wallet) will thank you!


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