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Après-Ski Gear: The Hangtime Koala

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Après-Ski Gear: The Hangtime Koala

I don't know about you, but when I'm on the mountain, I'm always looking for an opportunity to capture an epic photo. It obviously makes sense. The views are quite often breathtaking. Where better to snap these photos, aside from the summit, than on the ski lift? The ride up seems like the perfect opportunity to snag a selfie of you and your group. Perfect, that is, until the nagging fear of dropping your phone and watching it plummet to the mountainous depths below sets in.

You know, kind of like when Hans Gruber fell to his death in Die Hard. 

The horror!

Good news. This catastrophic lift dropping crisis can all be avoided with a funky little gadget by Hangtime Gear that essentially turns your phone into a bungee cord called the Koala.

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Hangtime Koala is Simple and Effective

Hangtime Gear Koala

The beauty of this practical little gadget is in its simplicity. The Koala is constructed with three key components that when combined work together to protect your phone from, The industrial grade silicone harness stretches to fit over your phone without comprising the camera lenses.

Phew! You wouldn't want anything obstructing your photos and ruining the moment (enter sarcasm). 

The harness is then attached to a urethane tether that can stretch up to four feet and hold up to 45 pounds. This is all well and good but what really brings the whole contraption together is the polycarbonate clip on the other end. This element's grippy little teeth actually get tighter the harder you pull on them. It really is a brilliant little contraption. 

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Five Benefits of the Hangtime Koala

Hangtime Gear Koala

Like I said, the Hangtime Koala is oh so simple, oh so effective and a must for anyone who has this overwhelming fear of dropping their phone on their next adventure. It's why I featured in on Unofficial Networks as a hot new item for this ski season and why I'm giving a more thorough review here. Having personally tested it along with my wife and oldest daughter, here are the five key benefits that we have come up with. 

  1. Confidence of being able to use your phone on the lift without having to worry. 
  2. Protects against your phone falling out of your pocket and getting lost while in the act of skiing and snowboarding.
  3. You don't have to worry about any of your children who have phones losing theirs under any circumstances.
  4. It works on any phone, cased or uncased without affecting its functionality.
  5. It can be attached and unattached to any fabric easily and effortlessly. 
  6. BONUS BENEFIT: At only $25 it's well worth your peace of mind. 

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Hangtime Gear Koala

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