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Après Ski Gear: Flylow Brosé Work Shirt

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Après Ski Gear: Flylow Brosé Work Shirt

Dressing for the mountain is always a bit of a challenge. Layering your ski apparel is key but not always comfortable. This is particularly true when it comes to choosing the right ski shirt. Choose incorrectly and you'll end up feeling like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man up top. What you need is a ski shirt that is technical enough to support your on-mountain feats but also one that can take you right from the trails to the local ski bar. That's where Flylow Gear's new Brosé Work Shirt comes into play. 

A Not-So-Traditional Flannel Ski Shirt

Flylow Brose Work Shirt

The Brosé Work Shirt is not the traditional flannel that you see everyone else wearing in mountain towns. In fact, it was created to give you your flannel fix without actually being one. The inside is lined with soft technical flannel that performs as well as you do when shredding the gnar. The outside is described as canvas but it has more of a brushed thin cord vibe to it. Either way its super sturdy durable material makes for a great mid-layer option. The Brosé even looks good at the bar. Western inspired details like the snaps will allow you to open up the front Dirk Diggler style and shed this piece to show your favorite All About Après Ski shirt underneath. Brosé all day baby!

Flylow Brose Work Shirt

Layer it Over Your Favorite All About Après Ski Shirt

Can't decide which après ski apparel to wear with your Brosé Work Shirt? Any of our vintage ski t-shirts will work, but with a button down this good, you need to rock our Certified Après Ski Instructor T-shirt. When worn as your first layer with the snap buttons of your not-so-flannel Brosé Work Shirt undone, you'll show everyone at the ski bar that you mean business. 

Flylow Brose Work Shirt

Come back to the All About Apres Ski Gear Blog for the latest on ski gear and ski apparel. We’ll clue you in on our honest reviews and best recommendations to keep you comfortable and successful on and off the slopes.



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