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Après Card Game Adds Excitement to Apres Ski

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Après Card Game Adds Excitement to Apres Ski

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Let's be honest, skiing and snowboarding is a lot of fun. So much fun that no one ever really wants the day to end when the lifts stop spinning. That's why the French created apres keep the ski day going just a little bit longer. 

Après ski certainly comes with its fair share of shenanigans. From boot dancing on tabletops to shotskis and everything in between, there is never a dull moment. I have certainly participated in my fair share of all of these activities but when push comes to shove, I am a huge fan of sharing stories of your perfect ski day over beers with friends. 

Whether it's the big air you got or the number of lift beers you drank the stories you tell at après ski are a huge part of skiing. They also happen to be the very premise behind the new Après card game designed to keep the fun going while players create their perfect ski day. 

Origins of The Après Ski Game

Apres Ski Card Game

It's interesting what big ideas can come out of a car ride to and from the mountains. My brand All About Après was spawned over conversations on car rides to and from Vermont. These car rides are also where many of the sayings that adorn our merch came to fruition. 

Similarly, the Après card was also born in a car just not in Vermont but rather on the heavily trafficked I-70 Colorado. According to the owner and creator Vic Rasgaitis, "I was just naming as many ski jargon terms as I could think of to keep from going stir crazy while inching along the snowy highway. But pretty soon all the brainstorming led to another thought: It’s pretty fun how all of these different pieces add up to make a great ski day. And on the best ski days, a snowy Après hot tub soak is always followed by late-night board games."

I couldn't agree more. My crew is a huge fan of drinking Jenga and we've definitely played Cards Against Humanity and Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza a time or two but they don't necessarily have anything to do with skiing. That's where Vic's game separates itself from the others by ultimately challenging participants to create their perfect ski day. 

How to Play Après: Rewarding The Best Ski Day

Apres Card Game

Like any other deck of cards, the game of Après includes 72 cards. The cards range from run cards, special cards, bonus cards and even off-piste cards. The run cards are exactly what they sound like. They are modeled after the runs you would take while skiing or snowboarding with greens, blues, black diamonds or double diamonds being worth a specific number of points based on difficulty. 

The Special Cards are unique because they allow players to mix things up based on what card is played. For example, a Pow card offers 3 times the amount of points of your most recent run card which depending on what type of run you last did could result in a decent amount of points. 

Apres Ski Games

Finally, there are bonus cards. These cards prompt players to be creative when assembling their best ski day. Convincing another player to do a shotski with you will earn you points (we give a bonus if you actually do one). Play a Lift Beer card or five and you'll rack up anywhere from one to 15 points. Just be careful not to play too many or you can actually lose points. After all, nobody likes a drunk idiot skiing down the mountain. Save the bulk of your drinking for the day's end, which brings me to the Après cards. These cards can earn you an extra seven points if you have the most of them at the end of the game. 

There's obviously more to it than this but rather than bore you with more details, I'll let you check out the how-to-play video that Vic made here. Bottom line is that this card game is fun and worth getting for a variety of reasons. 

What I Like About the Après Card Game

Just like the end to any good day on the mountain should be, Après the game is always a good time and will only enhance the overall experience. The fast-paced nature of playing your cards quickly adds an element of quick-thinking excitement that will have people smiling and laughing throughout.

Furthermore, as you lay out your fictitious card-based ski day, it is sure to spark conversation amongst your group about your actual ski day and how great it was.

However, what really sets this après ski game apart is its ability to travel with ease. It's sort of tough to carry Jenga with you to the mountain and play at the bar but a deck of cards, now that's easy to carry. Toss the deck in your jacket pocket or your backpack and pull it out at the end of the day, much to the delight of your friends. 

Après the game is easy to play (once you get the hang of it) and is sure to add to the excitement of an already good time. 

The Best Après Clothes for Playing the Après Ski Game

Apres Ski Games

Sitting on the deck, sipping beers and playing the Après card game amidst mountain views deserves the best ski clothing. Nothing is more perfect for the occasion than our Raised on Après Ski Hoodie. This soft and comfortable ski hoodie will keep you warm while raising a pint with your friends to commemorate your perfect ski day. 

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