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Après Anywhere, Anytime With Hydro Flask's Cooler Backpack

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Après Anywhere, Anytime With Hydro Flask's Cooler Backpack

Blog Post Update on July 20, 2022

There is nothing like a good cooler for your patio. When packed correctly, they can keep your beverages cold for days at a time. However, taking a 64 L hard cooler everywhere you go is not always ideal. That's why companies are starting to make coolers designed to go anywhere. 

Enter the Hydro Flask Cooler Backpack. As part of Hydro Flask's Unbound Series, they're designed to go anywhere. These Hydro Flask coolers include backpacks and tote bags designed to travel to places like the beach, a hike and the golf course with ease. 

Hydro Flask Cooler is Built for Comfort & Durability

Hydro Flask Soft Cooler Backpack

The purpose of the Unbound Series is for you to be able to take this Hydro Flask cooler backpack anywhere. Whether you are going to the beach, mountains, hike or the golf course you will want a cooler that is convenient and comfortable.

The straps of the backpack itself, are quite comfortable. All are pretty well padded and can be adjusted to fit perfectly over your shoulders. There is also a little padding on the cooler that rests nicely against your back. Ultimately, this adds to the comfortable fit of the cooler and prevents it from slamming up against your back. 

Continuing with the need to be able to go anywhere is the way the bottom of the cooler is constructed. Built with reinforcements, it is a little harder when compared to the middle. Done purposefully, the harder bottom allows the Hydro Flask cooler backpack to stand vertically wherever you put it down.

The reinforced bottom also adds a degree of durability and will prevent the bottom from getting all jacked up and leaking any water. Furthermore there is more insulated down at the bottom. That's going to keep the temperature cold and your stuff cooler longer.

Multiple Pockets That Carry Literally Anything You Need

Hydro Flask Soft Cooler Backpack

Beyond the durability and comfort, the Hydro Flask cooler backpack is quite resourceful with what it can carry. With multiple little pockets including a side pocket with a zipper, a mesh pocket and then another one on top.

The side pocketing is great. The zip pocket is perfect for your wallet, keys, knife or whatever you want to fit in there. Up top, is a dry pocket. This is perfect for your cell phone or anything that is going to get ruined if it gets wet.

The side mesh pocket is also a neat little feature. Originally it was designed to hold at least one of Hydro Flask's 32 ounce bottles. Staying hydrated is important and all but we're All About Après. With a little experimentation, I found out that the mesh pocket actually holds a full wine bottle.  Slide in a bottle of Townie Rosè from Old Town Cellars and hit the trails. 

Their Townie Rosè is a great summer drinking wine and since they're The Official Wine of Après this works perfectly post hike, post ride, post beach when you want to share some good times with friends.

A Hydro Flask Cooler Bag With a Deep Main Compartment

Hydo Flask Soft Cooler Backpack

The main compartment of the Hydro Flask cooler bag is deeper than it appears.  Initially, you'll notice that the zipper that opens up the entire mouth of the cooler. This feature should not go overlooked as it allows you to load and unload with ease.

When completely zipped the Hydro Flask cooler is watertight. This is going to keep water in, keep water out and prevent anything else from getting into the compartment.

The zipper itself works pretty smoothly and as previously mentioned, when open is wide enough that you can get stuff in there and out rather easily.  For 22 litres it's deceptively deep. This leaves you enough space to throw in some Narragansett Fresh Catch tallboys. Nice, light and refreshing, they are perfect for day drinking on the beach.

But, the depth of what you can fit in the main compartment doesn't end there. 

Add a six pack of Ten Barrel's Out of Office Hoppy Pilsner. Another great day drinking beer, your friends are sure to thank you when you crack them open post activity.

Say drinking all day isn't your thing. That's perfectly fine. I get it we all have our problems. Just replace one of the six packs with a Tupperware container filled with food. The food will actually help you soak up the booze and the container size even leaves a little room for one of Hydra Flask's ice packs on top to keep everything cool. 

Light and Durable, Hydro Flask's Backpack Cooler is Knows No Boundaries

Hydro Flask's backpack cooler, part of their Unbound Series and designed to go anywhere. A soft cooler, they are light, comfortable and pretty durable, especially the bottom. The Hydro Flask backpack cooler is designed with multiple pockets to carry everything you need. You can even fit a full bottle of wine in the side mesh pocket and at least two six packs in the primary compartment. Overall for 22 liters Hydro Flask has built a pretty awesome soft cooler designed for your next adventure. 

Après Ski Clothing Made For Adventure

Just like the Hydro Flask cooler backpack, our après ski clothing is designed with adventure in mind especially the Brews with a View T-shirt. Slide into this shirt, toss some beers in your cooler and head off on your next journey. Then when you reach a destination like the one on the shirt, crack open a old one and celebrate your accomplishment. 

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