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All About Après Talks 80's Après Ski Gear

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All About Après Talks 80's Après Ski Gear

"80's Revival" Après Ski Shirt Video Highlights:

00:06 Introduction

00:15 Warren Miller reference

00:31 Better off Dead reference

00:40 Rich shows off his old 1980's gear

1:25 80"s Revival Après Ski Shirt

2:20 Rich Signs off

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"80's Revival" Après Ski Shirt Video Transcript:

Hey it’s Rich. We're back here at the All About Après headquarters, which is  pretty much my living room but that's how we roll around here. It's convenient because I just got done watching some Warren Miller videos from the 80’s listening to Warren Miller’s iconic voice.  It's gonna be winter soon and it got me thinking about some of my old stuff that I used to have. Actually think I only just a couple years ago, got rid of my my jacket that they probably wore in “Better off Dead.” My wife allowed me to hang on to a few things so I am going to pull them out.  This bag for one, pretty sick. Nice and bright, can't lose this one in the lodge.  And, when I was digging through it i found these pretty gnarly suspenders with mono skiers and guys doing Daffy's and spread eagles and all kinds of stuff. So i think i might have to actually rock these again at some point this winter just for kicks.  And then the piece de resistance, my old snake hat. Classic, classic piece that I used to hit where before helmets but nowadays it's better to be safe than to look as good as I normally would wearing this thing. I’ll just throw it on. Anyway I actually matches one of our new pieces online. The All About Après  “Eighties Revival” shirt perfect for perfect for your eighties revival day at the mountain or, any old day at après ski. say it's a nineteen eighties baseball raglan. Which who the hell knew it was a raglan? I no idea that's what these are called. With some pretty pretty colors like we used to rock back in the eighties and our signature logo. It’s a tri-blend shirt. Super soft. Washes really well, fit's really well and pretty stoked to wear it on the mountain this year and afterward après ski. So if you've got any super old gear back, you know, back in your house stashed away in the closet pull it out. Check it out and by all means head over to and pick up yourself a nineteen eighties revival raglan All About Après jersey and enjoy it. It it's all downhill from here. Signing out, Rich

 "80's Revival" Après Ski Shirt Video




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