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All About Après Approved: Crapchute Bags

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All About Après Approved: Crapchute Bags

It is not often that I would endorse "crap" but in this case, these new Crapchute Bags are well worth it. There was once a time in my life when I used to show up at the beach with only a towel, but now that time is long gone. As a husband and father of three girls, my beach visits come with a significant amount of stuff these days. I'm not exactly sure what half of it is or why it is even necessary, all I know is that I'm the one who often ends up carrying it. Now with Crapchute starting their new campaign on Kickstarter for their bags, carrying all of my kids' crap just got a little easier ultimately keeping me refreshed and less aggravated for my après surf shenanigans.

Crapchute bags, all about apre

Crapchute bags are made with the intention of lowering environmental waste caused by the incessant amount of plastic bags used by consumers, but Crapchute bags are more than just environmentally friendly. They are the lightest and strongest reusable bags on the market thanks to their design. Conceptualized by professional skydiver and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) master parachute rigger Jonathan Zar the bags are made with material from a high quality skydiving parachute. Not only does this make the bag durable (it's tear-resistant) it also happens to be waterproof as well. This combination makes them an ideal beach bag, perfect for stuffing with anything from your wet towels to your kids sand toys. 

Crapchute BagsCrapchute Bags

Hooked yet? Well you should be, especially if your ocean visits are filled with crap. Currently Crapchute bags are available in two styles, handbags and shoulder bags and in three wild and crazy prints, surfboard, tribal or tiger print. Each bag even packs down inside its own pocket and attaches to your belt loop with a carabiner, just in case they are not filled with crap, which might never be the case. 

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