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Wyoming Whiskey Opens Barrel House in Jackson Hole

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Wyoming Whiskey Opens Barrel House in Jackson Hole

To say there is a bit of Wyoming in every bottle of Wyoming Whiskey would not do the brand justice. Using only locally sourced ingredients such as corn, barley, wheat, rye and even the water they have created spirits that Wyoming can be proud of. It is for reasons like this that when they first released 2400 bottles of their award-winning Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch Bourbon on December 1, 2012 it sold out in 26 seconds. 

Yes, 26 seconds! That's not too bad for a bourbon distilled outside of the Blue Grass State

The Wyoming Whiskey distillery is a family-run business based in the tiny town of Kirby, Wyoming. It is from this obscure location they have built a brand that shares an equal passion for their state and their Whiskey. Over time, Wyoming Whiskey continues to evolve growing with each and every bottle while still staying true to its humble beginnings. Now with Wyoming Whiskey's 10-year anniversary looming in the near future, their evolution continues, this time taking up new roots by opening up an experiential tasting room and store in the heart of Jackson Hole. 

Wyoming Whiskey Opens Barrel House Retail Store in Jackson

No matter what anyone tries to tell you, the town of Kirby is obscure. With many tourists flocking from out of state to the popular ski town of Jackson Hole, Kirby is not often on people's radar. In fact, it's roughly four hours from the state's most popular destination. Nonetheless, given the popularity of the Wyoming Whiskey brand and the town of Jackson, it was a no-brainer to eventually expand into that location. 

On October 11, 2022 the Kirby-based Wyoming Whiskey distillery expanded their presence in Wyoming by opening a storefront in Jackson. Now, both locals and visitors will have the chance to learn more about the brand, sample the award-winning whiskies, and purchase a bottle of their own to take home. 

The town of Jackson also happens to be home to Wyoming Whiskey co-founders, Brad and Kate Mead and David DeFazio. As the brand approaches its 10th anniversary of whiskey sales this winter, the timing was right to grow its local presence.

“We are proud to be expanding our footprint right here at home. Jackson locals, as well as a healthy stream of visitors, are important and critical pieces of our story—which is now a decade long,”  said DeFazio.

It's All in the Name

Wyoming Whiskey The Barrel House Jackson

Just like there is a little bit (or a lot) of Wyoming in every bottle of their whiskey, the Wyoming Whiskey Barrel House follows suit. Aptly named, this distillery-themed store is lined with barrels and bottles aplenty thereby creating an atmosphere that is as rustic as the whiskey they sell. 

“The Barrel House is an inviting place where folks can learn about our brand, sample our whiskies, and take something with them if they choose," elaborates DeFazio. 

Wyoming Whiskey's all-star lineup of products includes Small Batch Bourbon, Outryder Straight Whiskey (a cult and my personal favorite, Double Cask Bourbon, Single Barrel, National Parks Limited Editions, and Barrel Strength Bourbon. In addition to Wyoming Whiskey flagship styles, the store will also carry the brand’s highly anticipated Wyoming-only bottle releases such as its most recent, Powder River, as well as the upcoming 10th Anniversary release.

As previously stated, their non-GMO ingredients are regionally sourced including the water which comes from a mile-deep, limestone aquifer. In doing so, Wyoming Whiskey respects the maxims of great bourbon, while still maintaining a reflection of the great state it is made in. 

But you don't have to take my word for it. Now that Wyoming Whiskey has a Barrel House in Jackson, DeFazio encourages, "everyone in our area to swing by 45 West Broadway and allow us to tell you about the brand and we can direct folks to other area retailers that carry their own special Wyoming Whiskey selections.” 

With an opportunity like this, there is simply no way to go wrong.

Apres Ski Clothes Worthy of Tasting Whiskey

If I'm being honest, when it comes to drinking Wyoming Whiskey in its home state, you should probably wear a cowboy hat. However, if you are looking for something a little less than 10 gallons I suggest giving our This is My Dress Hat a try. The suede brim is classy as you can get without having the true cowboy hat the town of Jackson and Wyoming Whiskey deserve.  

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