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Wyoming Whiskey Introduces New Wide Open Spaces Collection

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Wyoming Whiskey Introduces New Wide Open Spaces Collection

When your whiskey brand bears the name of one of our nation's most beautiful states, it is hard not to be associated with the outdoors. To have the name Wyoming Whiskey personifies what it means to be from the beautiful state of Wyoming. Spend a few minutes scrolling through their Instagram and you'll find a unique combination of their whiskey and beautiful pictures of the majestic outdoor landscapes where it is distilled. Wyoming Whiskey is synonymous with the state they are named for and its beautiful landscape highlighted by their six national parks. Now they are honoring their commitment to both with their new Wide Open Spaces - By Air - Collection and National Parks Limited Edition Whiskey

Wyoming Whiskey's Commitment to America's Wide-Open Spaces

Wyoming Whiskey has always been committed to the preservation of America's wide-open spaces and a long-time supporter of America's National Parks. Their newly released whiskey collection is just the most recent example of this. The Wide Open Spaces collection is an annual small-batch production of Wyoming Whiskey that supports parks across the country in association with the National Parks Foundation

The Grand Tetons

Photo Credit: Nick Sultzer

The first release in the collection, the Wide Open Spaces By Air was inspired by the natural wonders of Wyoming and their beautiful national parks. "The By Air Collection is our tribute to the natural beauty of the very place that  inspired our American Whiskey,” said David DeFazio, co-founder of Wyoming Whiskey. “We are truly fortunate to live among parks that are national treasures. It is only right that we pay it forward in preserving these wide-open spaces through this annual initiative that supports the National Park Foundation.

Housed in Vessels as Worthy of Wyoming's Beauty

Black Sand Basin Wyoming Whiskey

The labels on the bottles and the wooden vessels that they are housed in are pure beauty as well. Designed to mimic the grandeur of the landscapes that they represent, the photos on the labels and cases are true works of art in and of themselves. Each bottle of the limited-edition custom By Air series comes in its own decorative wooden vessel. Hand carved by nature material artist Jamison Sellers each case mirrors Wyoming's topography. 

The beauty doesn't stop there. Open the case and you are instantly struck by the labels that feature spectacular aerial images captured by celebrated Wyoming Photographer, Tuck Fauntleroy and curated by award winning actor and notable environmentalist, Harrison Ford. Both the bottle's artwork and the hand-carved wooden vessel are truly one of a kind and a worthy accompaniment to this special whiskey and it's cause.

Four Custom Bottles of Wyoming Whiskey Available Through Auction

National Parks Limited Edition Wyoming Whiskey

To celebrate the unique and first collection, four custom bottles curated by Wyoming Whiskey and Harrison Ford will be available only through alive virtual auction on April 20.. The auction will also feature several additional items to bid on from custom merchandise to vacation retreats in support and celebration of the inaugural installment of the collection. All proceeds from the live, virtual auction will benefit the National Parks Foundation.  

“Wyoming Whiskey’s support inspires people to celebrate and give back to the treasured places that give us so much,” said Stefanie Mathew, senior vice president of corporate partnerships at the National Park Foundation. “The National Park Foundation is thrilled to be the beneficiary of the virtual auction and will use these funds to preserve and protect our national parks for current and future generations.

Four Thoughtfully Chosen American Whiskeys

Wyoming Whiskey Limited Edition National Parks Whiskey

Celebrating four special landscapes in Wyoming, each bottle is paired with a thoughtfully chosen American Whiskey:

Barrel #5434, Inspired by Black Sand Basin: Representing both the very best of Wyoming Whiskey’s Small Batch Bourbon caramel, orange, and vanilla aroma profile and the perfect Cask Strength barrel. Bottled at cask strength, it's smooth, sweet flavors of orange, vanilla, and caramel, while the palate exudes flavors of grilled white peaches and Chinese 5 spice powder. It is an exceptionally well-balanced, expressive, and elegant Bourbon.

Barrel #2864, Inspired by Hayden Valley: 

A big, bold Whiskey with strong shoulders and a surprisingly soft, pleasant finish, this American Straight Whiskey has been taken from a single cask that has rye in the mash bill, uncustomary for Wyoming Whiskey. The deep mahogany Hayden Valley Features mash bill of 48% winter rye, 40% corn, and 12% malted barley and is bottled at cask strength. It displays bold aromas of dark chocolate covered cherries, wintergreen leaves, and Devil’s food chocolate cake with coconut and walnut icing. The palate offers intense notes of Demerara sugar, Persian black tea, muddled mint leaves, and dill, with a long, semi-sweet finish.

Barrel #2760, Inspired by Grand Teton: Never released as a single barrel expression before, this Rye Bourbon helps makes up Wyoming Whiskey’s Outryder. Taken from a single cask that has a mash bill containing 68% corn, 20% winter rye, and 12% malted barley and bottled at cask strength. It expresses notes of blackberry cobbler with a cinnamon-sprinkled biscuit crust, English Sticky toffee pudding, and honeyed hay. The palate finishes with baking spices and orange blossom honey. This is an exceptionally balanced whiskey with great finesse and a spectrum of flavors to suit every palate.

Barrel #5004, Inspired by Yellowstone Lake: Representing The finest of Wyoming Whiskey’s Small Batch Bourbon Spiced Aroma profile, in addition to being a darker, richer expression of the rare Cask Strength release. Bottled at cask strength, it offers notes of prunes in sweet syrup, black currant, and Persian black tea. The finish is long, with hints of Medjool dates, thick molasses, and savory desert sage blossom honey. It is a complex Bourbon with a wide spectrum of sweet, savory, spicy, smoky, and nutty aromas.

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Whether you are a skier, snowboarder or just a whiskey enthusiast the new National Parks collection from Wyoming Whiskey is something that we can all get behind. Their support of America's Wide Open Spaces does not go unnoticed and this new collection is another example of this. Not to mention, Wyoming Whiskey is one of my absolute favorite distilleries. I encourage you to give it a try and throw your support their way for this worthy cause.

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*Photos courtesy of Wyoming Whiskey 


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