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Top Five New Après-Ski Beers of 2018

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Top Five New Après-Ski Beers of 2018

2018 is in the books and it was a wild one filled with good friends, good food and, of course, good beers. You know we love our après-ski beers and we certainly try our hardest to sample as many as we can and let you know which ones are the best out there. I know, I know, it's a tough job but someone has to do it. I don't want you wasting your time drinking shitty beer. Life is just too short for that. So with that in mind, here are some of our favorite new après-ski beers of 2018.

Roadhouse Brewery, Loose Boots Après IPA 5.5%

Roadhouse Brewery Loose Boots Apres IPA

This collaboration brew that Roadhouse did with their Jackson Hole neighbor, Stio, was brand new in 2018 and is one of our absolute favorites. A face shot of citrusy hops hits you the instant that it touches your lips and stays with you throughout. This super sessionable beer is delicious and perfect for loosening those boots and kicking back at après.

Melvin Brewing Company, Pils-Gnar  4.5%

Melvin Brewing Pils-Gnar

Another newbie out of Jackson Hole was this collab between Melvin and ski industry great Teton Gravity Research. Pretty true to it's pilsner style, Pils-Gnar is light, crisp and totally quaffable making it the perfect thirst quenching cap to a day of gnar shredding. 

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Foolproof Brewing, Yahd Sale 5.5%

Foolproof Brewing Yahd Sale, Mount Snow

We know a good yahd sale when we see one here on the ice coast and this session IPA brewed by Foolproof for Mount Snow certainly fits the bill. It has many of the hop qualities you'd expect from a New England IPA minus the big abv numbers. So you can have a few of these citrusy delights as you numb the pain from your own yard sale. 

Good People Brewing Company, Denim Downhiller 5.3%

Good People Brewing Denim Downhiller

Trump skis in jeans and apparently so do many of the skiers in Alabama, the home state of this new brew from Good People Brewing. With a toasty bread and caramel sweet flavor, you'll be craving more of this denim downhiller. Who knows, if you have enough of them, you may even start skiing in jeans yourself. 

Bohemian Brewery, Solitude Brewski Mountain Lager 4%

Bohemian Brewery Solitude Brewski Mountain Lager

Brewed by Bohemian brewery for it's neighbor up the road, Solitude Mountain Resort this beer is light and refreshing. Crisp with a tiny bit of bitterness and some bready sweetness on the finish this brewski is and ideal compliment to a post Utah pow day. 



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