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The Top 10 Après Ski Beers in the West

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The Top 10 Après Ski Beers in the West

Two weeks ago we posted the first ever All About Après list of the best après ski beers in the east. That list quickly became one of our top performing posts proving that there is no better beer than the first beer at après ski. With that in mind, we want to make sure that you are drinking the right ones, and there is a whole other half of the country where people are skiing and celebrating après ski. Not to be outdone, the western ski resorts have some seriously great après ski beers as well. So in an effort to offer some alcohol induced guidance here are some of our favorite après ski beers from the west. 

Photo Credit: Telluride Brewing Company

  1. Telluride Brewing Company - Face Down Brown:Many beers were consumed to make this decision and there was much back and forth between the ones at the top however, the award winning hybrid ale from TBC takes the top spot this year. One of the best brown ales I've had thanks to the chocolaty toffee flavors that are ideal for a winter afternoon while housing some chili and telling wondrous stories of your epic mountain feats. 
  2. 10 Barrel Brewing - Pray for Snow: One of my absolute favorites no matter what part of the country you are from. A malty beer despite the hop presence that produces a toasted biscuit type flavor along with caramel and toffee notes making this smooth and delicious beer perfect after a long day on the hill.
  3. Aspen Brewing Company - This Season's Blonde: I mean who doesn't like this season's blonde, or any season's for that matter? She's a sweet little honey with a bright personality. Ideal for après and beyond. I'm talking about the beer...of course. 
  4. New Belgium Brewing - Fat Tire: This legendary beer is still relevant amidst all the craft beers it paved the way for. When all else fails Fat Tire should be your go to for its drinkability and toasted biscuits in a bottle taste. 
  5. Uinta BrewingYard Sale Winter Lager: Generally speaking yard sales should be reserved for Jerry, but in the case of the one by Uinta, I'm in. This winter lager works well during après thanks to it being medium bodied and highly sessionable with great malty flavors of toasted caramel. 
  6. Snake River Brewing - Après IPA: An excellent selection from an amazing brew pub. The tropical flavors of tangerine and papaya are highly refreshing and super necessary after skiing a place like Jackson Hole. 
  7. Shorts Brewing Company - Snow Wheat: Shorts in the winter? Better yet, a hefeweizen in the winter? Absolutely on both counts! This beer is a classic hefe with tastes of banana and cloves. It is also light and easy drinking perfect anyone who has earned their après.  
  8. Tamarack BrewingBig Drift White IPA: Montana has no shortage of snow drifts and this beer from Tamarack has no shortage on flavor. A combination of multiple hops balanced with malts produces thirst quenching citrus flavors and a touch of spiciness. 
  9. Big Choice Brewing - Après Shred: How can I possibly keep a beer with this name off a top après ski beers list? It's just not possible. This baby is strong (8.2%) and could put you under if you have too many, but it's worth it. The malts leave flavors of caramel and vanilla and it drinks super creamy. 
  10. Sawtooth Brewery - Last Chair Stout: A smooth drinking stout with chocolate and coffee flavors that will have you drinking this beer from last chair to last call.

With a list like this, it is hard to go wrong. Be sure to up your après shred style with our super comfy and stylish line of après ski clothing and save 10% this weekend using the coupon code: BestBeers. FREE Shipping on all orders over $25. 


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