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Après Ski Cocktail Classic | Quarantine Cocktail Challenge

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Après Ski Cocktail Classic | Quarantine Cocktail Challenge

It's no surprise that the consumption of alcoholic beverages are up in the age of quarantine. At some point, there is only so much fitness, reading, binge watching and cooking you can do without consuming an adult beverage or three in the process. Be honest, you know you've been on a Zoom meeting in the last month with more than just coffee in that mug. Me too, but what exactly is your drink of choice? 

Equal Opportunity Drinkers Who Enjoy Cocktails and Craft Beer 

Here at Stoner's Palace, we're beer drinkers. Many cans have met their match in the last seven weeks. So much so that I'm trying to install a revolving door/lid of some sort on my Yeti Cooler to make consumption even easier. Hop lovers we may be, our drinking prowess does not end with the nectar of the gods. As equal opportunity drinkers we have been known to dabble in the world of après ski cocktails as well. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Add a Few New Après Ski Cocktail Recipes to Your Repertoire

Mixed drinks are an excellent way to shake or stir (whichever you prefer James Bond) up the monotony of your quarantine life. There is simply no better time to add a few new cocktails recipes to your repertoire. Bye bye Tito's and soda. It's time to get your creative cocktail juices flowing and the Après Ski Cocktail Classic is inviting you to put your mixology skills to the test with their Après Ski Quarantine Cocktail Challenge

How to Join The Après Ski Quarantine Challenge

Are you a bartender that wants in? If so, here is how you can join:

1. Using four or less ingredients, videotape yourself making a fun Apres-themed Quarantine Cocktail or Mocktail.
2. Include your Venmo deets if you’d like them to add a virtual tip jar, a fun fact about yourself or cocktail and call out a friend to take on the challenge next!
3. Send them an email at letting them know you’re done, and they’ll forward a dropbox link for you to get them your video file.

Your mixed drinks can be as simple or elaborate as you like. There is but one caveat...please keep the cocktail something that we, the Après Ski Cocktail Enthusiast, can replicate. We're in lock up, bored and most importantly thirsty. No one wants to think to much while filling up our coffee mugs prior to our next office Zoom meeting. 




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