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Catching That Last Chair (Stout) Into Greatness

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Catching That Last Chair (Stout) Into Greatness

The All About Après Rogue Report Episode 1 

Video Highlights

00:24 Rich Stoner introduces the show
1:00 Rich Stoner introduces the Sawtooth Brewery Last Chair Stout
1:30 the worst beer pour ever
2:00 how the beer tastes
2:35 Talking about Sawtooth's other beers
2:40 Cheers to the first All About Apres Report

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The All About Après Rogue Report Episode 0001 Transcript

Hello everybody this is Rich Stoner with the Rogue All About Après Report. Why rogue? Quite simply, I don't have money for a production company. I don't have money for a film company. So I figured why not just film this stuff with my camera on my phone. So we're going rogue here. Our goal is to bring you all the best places to
play for après-ski and the best food, beer, music, whatever that goes along with it.

So  today we are drinking our last chair stout that the my friends at Sawtooth Brewery sent us over. I included this in one of my reports for of the best ski themed beers. Who doesn't love taking the last chair up.  You know, that last ride into greatness. So we're gonna we're give it a shot. I love stouts and let's check this one out. (Cracking open the can) I love that sound. Here we go. Alright, it looks like it's the first time I ever poured a friggin beer. A little too much head but that's probably my fault. Nonetheless you get a nice chocolatey smell.

(Drinks the beer)

Nice, coffee. A little chocolate. A little caramel. Very smooth, kind of like that last ride up. A smooth ride up for one last trip down. Grab yourself Last Chair pint from Sawtooth brewery.

(Takes another sip) Gosh this is good. 

Alright well I'm gonna go finish this. If you guys are lucky enough to be close to I know I would go over to Sawtooth and grab one for yourself. They've also got some other good beers. I really like their Sunnyside Session as well, which with the warmer months coming along I'd go grab that and session the hell out of it. So cheers to the first ever Rogue All About Après Report and stay tuned for more episodes to come.

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