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Telluride Brewing is All About the Beer

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Telluride Brewing is All About the Beer

An All About Après top choice for skiing and riding's best après ski beers.

"At the end of the day, it's all about the BEER." It is hard to argue with that mantra and it's just one of the many reasons why Telluride Brewing Company consistently brews up great beers each and every year. Founded by best friends Chris Fish and Tommy Thacher in 2012, Telluride Brewing Company started out with the idea of brewing the perfect beer. Since that time the brewery has undergone four expansions allowing them to double their production each year. They have also won a variety awards including gold medals for their Face Down Brown at the 2012 World Beer Cup and the 2012 and 2014 Great American Beer Festival. Face Down Brown also took home the bronze at the past year's GABF. Their Whacked out Wheat has also earned some accolades at the 2015 GABF and the 2016 WBC. However, despite their expansion and success, don't expect to see too much of Telluride Brewing's beers floating around nationally. They have no plans to distribute outside their state. No problem, that just gives us and excuse to go ski in Colorado and enjoy them at apres there. 

I recently had the opportunity to enjoy some of their delicious beers that are all the rave at apres ski. Here's what I thought:

Russel Kelly Pale Ale 6.7% ABV

Named after a Telluride legend, this beer did not disappoint. A little higher in ABV but by no means overpowering. This was a bright, crisp beer that was well balanced and perfect pairing with the homemade pizzas I was eating at the time. That being said, it is certainly a worthy beer choice for apres ski given its refreshing nature. 

Bridal Veil Rye Pale Ale 5.5% ABV

I was immediately attracted to this can for sporting the phrase, "share on the chair." Enjoying beers on the lift is always a fun, social experience and sharing this apres all day kind of beer would certainly make you some new friends. I Love this beer! Its citrus and lemon aroma and flavors created by the hops are highly appealing and compliment the spiciness of the rye malts very well. Don't think that you can only enjoy this one on the lifts though. Feel free to line up as many as possible at apres too. Aside from the outstanding taste, it paired really well with the nachos that I made and we all know how important those are post pow.

Face Down Brown 5.7% ABV

I hope to never end up like the guy in the picture on this can. For now I'll keep my skis on the ground and just keep drinking this award winning beer. A combination English and American style brown ale that is highlighted by it's chocolaty, toffee flavors. This is the beer for apres ski and beyond. Order it up as your first beer and continue to drink them through dinner. Face Down Brown will go really well with burgers and a hearty, gamey kind of chili. 



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