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Surviving Quarantine With These Jersey Shore Craft Beers

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Surviving Quarantine With These Jersey Shore Craft Beers

Photo Sourced from @gardenstatecraftbeer

Over the weekend, Governor Murphy issued a stay-at-home order instructing all non-essential businesses to shut down in the state of New Jersey. In these difficult times, it is tough to determine what is essential and what is not. For the time being, liquor stores and breweries remain open to the public. This is good news for many who find stocking their liquor cabinets and coolers easier than finding toilet paper these days. Seriously! I saw a report this morning on the news citing how one liquor store in Colorado has nearly tripled their sales since the start of our nationwide quarantine. Apparently, the rules for drinking at home under quarantine are similar to those in an airport. There is ABSOLUTELY no judgement for starting early. Of course, we here on our blog won't judge either.  As long as we've earned them, we're always down for some apres everything beers. 

Continue to Support Local Craft Breweries Under Quarantine

Despite being deemed a necessity and able to remain open, local breweries, not only in NJ but across the country, can no longer keep their taprooms open. Limitations on large gatherings have relegated breweries to only takeout service, a sanction that will ultimately make it a challenge for them to earn enough to pay their employees during these trying times. That said, I encourage you to continue to support your local craft breweries wherever you live. They need you now more than ever, as do many other restaurants and businesses that are able to remain open these days. Fortunately for us here in NJ we have an abundance of breweries making high quality craft beer. In an effort to help you continue to drink local while stuck at home, here is a list of our favorite New Jersey craft beers to help you survive quarantine. 

Sneakbox - Kane Brewing Company 

Kane Brewing Sneakbox

Photo Sourced from Kane Brewing Company's Instagram Page @kanebrewing

My absolute favorite offering from Kane Brewing should be a go to choice for you now and any time of the year. Full of flavor and very well balanced it offers notes of orange and pineapple all at a reasonably low 5.4% abv. What does that mean for you? This insanely flavorful beer is highly drinkable and won't really sneak up on you if you decide to drink it all day. 

This Town - Carton Brewing Company  

Carton Brewing This Town

Photo Sourced from Carton Brewing Company's Instagram Page @cartonbrewing

Carton Brewing is one of the OG's of New Jersey craft brewing and is known for their small batch creative offerings. So it may come as a surprise that I've listed This Town, a lager, as one of my favorites. But it's JUST SO GOOD. A rif on a traditional helles, This Town combines a bready sweetness with light hop flavors and a crisp finish. And since it's a lager, you'll be able to crush them while you are stuck in whatever town you reside in. 

Power Juicer - Icarus Brewing 

Icarus Brewing Power Juicer

Lead Photo credit @gardenstatecraftbeer

Icarus Brewing is the Jersey Shore's King of hazy beers and this American Imperial IPA is as advertised. Just what you'd want from a New England IPA, it is a hazy blend of hops that delivers a melody of pineapple, mango, clementine and tangerine flavors. With a hop explosion like that, how can you possibly go wrong? 

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Don't Make My Heart Broken - Bradley Brew Project 

Bradley Brew Project

Photo Sourced from Bradley Brew Project's Instagram Page @bradleybrewproject

This tiny nanobrewery has only been around a short time but they continue to evolve and impress with their craft beer offerings. Nowhere is that more evident than with their oatmeal stout, Don't Make My Heart Broken. A fairly traditional English Oatmeal Stout it offers up a mouthful of roasted coffee and chocolate flavors that is full bodied and delicious. Enjoy it anytime of the day but it is definitely best when relaxing on the couch after a long day of working remotely. 

Our Season - Last Wave Brewing Collab with Bradley Brew Project 

Last Wave Brewing Our Season

Photo Sourced from Last Wave Brewing's Instagram Page @lastwavebrewing

Highly underrated, Last Wave is producing some really tasty craft beer, so it should come as no surprise that one of their newest beers, a collab with the aforementioned Bradley Brew Project, made this list. Our Season is a super crushable session IPA that almost feels like it has characteristics of a saison as well. This ultimately creates a combination of light citrus and pineapple that is tantalizingly tasty. 

Tempus Fugit - Red Tank Brewing

Red Tank Brewing

Photo Sourced from Red Tank Brewing's Instagram Page @redtankbrewing

It appears that Red Tank has shut down to the public but their beers are still available at local bottle shops around the state. Among their core offerings, their Tempus Fugit is a consistently solid pale ale. More bready than you would expect from this style, it is light and crisp with a slight combination of piney and fruity hops. 

Always Ready - Cape May Brewing Company

Cape May Brewing

Photo Sourced from Cape May Brewing's Instagram Page @capemaybrewco

The name of this craft beer seemed oh so appropriate to the given situation. Not only that, this tasty treat is readily available around the state. Medium bodied, sweet, juicy and filled with plenty of tropical fruit flavors, it's kind of a like a pale ale that really wants to be a New England IPA. Either way, this Jersey Shore craft beer is bursting with taste and Always Ready for you to crack one open. 

Other Craft New Jersey Craft Breweries 

This is just a small list of some of the beers from the Jersey Shore that we enjoy drinking but there are a multitude of other craft breweries around the state of New Jersey that are brewing up really great beer and could use your support. Magnify Brewing, Bolero Snort, Brix City, Screamin Hill, Backwards Flag, Wet Ticket, Jug Handle, Source Brewing, Double Nickel, Three 3's Brewing...I could go on and on. Follow them on Instagram or check their websites to see how you can get your hands on their beer while under quarantine. You can also follow @njbrews and @gardenstatecraftbeer for accurate information on which local liquor stores are carrying what. Drink up and stay healthy my friends.  



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