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Stein's Bloody Mary Makes for a Happy Thanksgiving

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Stein's Bloody Mary Makes for a Happy Thanksgiving

There is no doubt the bloody mary is the ultimate hangover eraser. There is a reason why it's so big in the ski and snowboard community. When you hit it a little too hard at apres ski the day before, a good Bloody Mary will have you back on the mountain skiing or snowboarding in no time. Personally, I like to start my day with one whether I'm hungover or not. That salty sweet taste gets me going and for that reason, I don't limit my consumption of them to when I'm on a ski vacation. 

Kicking Off Thanksgiving With a Bloody Mary

Case in point is Thanksgiving. Each year a good friend of mine hosts an incredible Thanksgiving cocktail party centered around, your favorite hangover eraser and mine, the bloody mary. This being one of my favorite parties of the year it always has me up early in anticipation. After several cups of coffee and a lot of pacing around the house the 10:30 am start time cannot come quickly enough.

My neighbor, equally excited and whose brother hosts the party, and I walk out the door simultaneously. We are usually ushering our families to move with some sense of urgency just to get there when the party commences. What can I say?  We can't wait to get there and sip this fine elixir.

Hopefully by now you get the point. I'm a big fan.

So with Bloody Mary's on my mind and it being a thirsty Thanksgiving Thursday, I thought it best to feature one of the more epic mountain town Bloody Mary's on our craft beer and cocktails blog.

An Epic Bloody Mary at Stein's Beer and Brats 

Stein's Beer and Brats located in South Lake Tahoe at Heavenly Valley has been pumping out their Stein's Bloody Mary Lunch for three years. More a meal than a drink, this bloody will have your belly full, your hangover cured and you up and schussing down the mountain in no time.

Ingredients: Made with their signature Bloody Mary mix and topped with a Steins Pretzel, and a whole Bratwurst with the usual Bloody Mary toppings.

Why it's epic: Any cocktail that comes garnished with a bratwurst and a Bavarian pretzel deserves to be considered epic. 

A Ski T-Shirt That Fits the Occasion

Me being a huge fan of the hangover curing powers of a Bloody Mary, it only seems appropriate that we have a ski t-shirt as part of our apres ski clothing line that fits the occasion. If you too are a huge fan of Bloodies like us then you need to get your hands on our First Tracks Bloody Mary T-Shirt 2.0. It's the shirt you need whether you are sipping Bloody Mary's from the epic to the average. 

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