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Quick and Crafty Brew Review: Outer Range Brewing Sluff

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Quick and Crafty Brew Review: Outer Range Brewing Sluff


Outer Range Brewing - Frisco, Colorado

Outer Range has delivered the goods once again with this delicious Double Dry Hopped Double IPA brewed as a collaboration with Collective Arts Brewing out of Ontario, Canada. This Hazy Double packs a punch of hop flavor. Copious amounts of citrus coat your mouth like much like the avalanche it is named for does to a mountain. Dangerously delicious, especially at 8.8% abv but oh so worth it. 

Quick and Crafty Brew Review: Outer Range Brewing Sluff Transcription:

What's up everybody this is Rich with All About Après. I'm coming back with another quick and crafty brew review for you. No BS just beer. I'm telling you what I'm drinking and why I'm drinking it.

I recently just did an article on mountain town breweries and they're spring releases. You should check that out. It's on Unofficial Networks and one of the beers that I reviewed on the site is this Sluff from Outer Range Brewing. It's a collaboration between Outer Range and Collective Arts Brewing. as you can see, the art work is kind of cool, pretty gnarly. That's made by Max Coleman. He's an artist and actually drew a mural of the exact same art on a wall in Denver at the release party.

Anyway, enough about that, let's drink some beer. Outer Range for those who you don't know is out of Frisco, Colorado. Their motto is Leave Life Below and they're all about mountain culture. And if you don't know what sluff is, sluff is actually a type of avalanche so I'm worried that this beer could be pretty dangerous. Let's give it a shot. Damn it's killer. Oh God, this is delicious…juicy, fruity, hoppy. Wow!

All right, this is Sluff from Outer Range. Remember sluff is a type of avalanche. You probably want to avoid that but I would definitely not avoid this beer. It's killer! It's tasty! Now I'm gonna go crush it. Cheers.

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