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New Belgium Brewing Honoring Those Who Go to Great Lengths

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New Belgium Brewing Honoring Those Who Go to Great Lengths

New Belgium has been brewing great beer for over 25 years. This includes, what I have dubbed, "The Godfather" of après ski beers, Fat Tire. There is just something about Fat Tire Amber Ale that makes it an ideal way to end your day on the slopes. Maybe its the sweet biscuity goodness of the malts or perhaps it's the spicy fruitiness of the yeast, who knows? I just think that it pairs well with people having a good time and that is what après ski is all about. Either way, New Belgium has gone above and beyond for a quarter of a century to brew this beer that everyone is so fond of, and now they are honoring others who go the extra mile with their new Greater Lengths video series.

In the tradition of après ski which is all about the people you spend it with, New Belgium Brewing’s Greater Lengths video series is shifting the focus away from the beer and back to the people it brings together. By featuring those who go to great lengths to do great things, they are proving that every journey has a story that needs to be told. 

“Over the years, New Belgium has collected incredible stories and we want to share some of those, from bike advocacy and the life-changing work our non-profit friends are doing in their communities, to the quirky stories of some of our employee-owners,” said Steve Porcaro, director of content and communications at New Belgium Brewing. “There are so many unique tales to be told and Greater Lengths allows us to do that.”

The first videos in the series features the work of Boise Bicycle Project and stories of New Belgium employee-owners.

Boise Bicycle Project

It would only make sense that a brewery whose flagship beer is named after a bike would sponsor a non-profit that focuses on providing bikes to children who don't have them. By rehabilitating incarcerated women and teaching them to work on and fix the bikes for children in the Boise community they are making a difference in these women's lives and also the children who are the beneficiaries. 

Employee Stories

Throughout the video series, New Belgium will also be highlighting the interesting lives of the employees who own the brewery. Under the guise of, "interesting people make interesting beer" ( they dive into the passions that drive those who help brew this great beer. 


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