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My Baby's Got Sauce

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My Baby's Got Sauce

Hello everybody and welcome to the All About Après Report. I'm Rich Stoner and I'm here to travel the globe to find you the best places to play both on and off the mountain plus all the food, beer, gear and more to help make it epic. Today's National IPA Day. A super big holiday. It ranks right up there with Christmas and, I don't know, Arbor Day and nonetheless it's an IPA world out there. Seems like every brewery across America is brewing more and more IPA's, trying to compete with the next guy. Today we're gonna check out G Love's Special Sauce. I know it sounds a little bit awkward but I'll see how it tastes. Hopefully you guys remember who G Love was or is. Actually he's a musical artist. Probably the most popular song is My Baby's
Got Sauce.

Ah, the classics.

Nonetheless he this beer is brewed by Good Life Brewing and apparently the story goes that he played a concert at the brewery itself at Good Life brewery and after the set or after the show they, him and the brewers, and the owners of the brewery sat down late into the night, drinking their beers and decided to brew beer together. I guess G Loves only a request was that it was a real hoppy, dank IPA. And, I guess that's why it says danky dankster IPA on the front. So let's give G Love's Special Sauce a little try. Not gonna pour too much I got this in my special woodster that we offer on the site. It's gonna keep it cold for as long as it takes to drink it. Smells pretty hoppy. It's got a nice citrus on the nose. 

(takes a sip)

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That's definitely dank. No doubt about it...super, super hoppy. It's not totally bitter at the end again. It's good, kind of citrus notes on it. This is definitely a dank, dank IPA. I think G Love's Special Sauce nailed it here.

So remember this weekend, if you're heading up to Vermont you got two big Vermont brew festivals. You can check out more information on my site You have the Stowe Brewers Festival which is going off Friday to Sunday. You also have Okemo's Hops in the Hills, which is also going on Friday to Sunday and on Saturday at Hops in the Hills you can be a part of their crowning their local chicken wing cooking champion. So you definitely want to check that out.

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