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How Utah's Female Brewer's Made History on International Women's Day

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How Utah's Female Brewer's Made History on International Women's Day

Photo Credit: Roosters Brewing Co. 

*All information courtesy of Visit Ogden. 

In case you live in a bubble, March 8 was International Women's Day.  Originally, designed to commemorate the achievements of women internationally and bring awareness to gender equality, it is now in its 48th year and drawing participation from all over the world. One such group of women in Utah, used this day to, not only, recognize women in the workforce, but to make a little history in their own respective industry...brewing beer.

Rooster's Brewing Gathers the Gals for A Collaborative Brew

On International Women’s Day, Roosters Brewing Co. – a local brewery based out of Ogden, Utah – gathered up a handful of female brewers from across the state to host Utah’s first “Pink Boots Brew Day.” Beginning about 9 am, ladies from breweries across the state began to convene:  Uinta, Red Rock, Utah Brewers Co-Op, Proper Brewing, Strap Tank, Epic, Kiitos, and Talisman, plus the Executive Director of the local Brewers Guild. Using a malt mash up from participating brewers and a Pink Boots exclusive hop blend, the ladies got straight to work on a Cascadian Dark Ale.

Pink Boots Society, Utah

Photo Credit: Roosters Brewing Co.

Women and Breweries in Utah are Breaking Barriers

So what's the big deal about a bunch of women in Utah getting together to brew a collaborative ale? It helps bring awareness two stigmas regularly associated with the state. Utah has never really been at the forefront of women's equality in the workforce, often times the recipient of negative press regarding this matter. There is also the common misconception that because of the state's stringent brewing laws, they do not brew good craft beer. While, historically, this may been the case, this is far from true these days. More and more craft breweries are popping up across the Utah and making a name for themselves, many of which are headed up by or have female brewers working for them. This includes one of my favorite Utah breweries, Talisman, whose beers are thoroughly enjoyable and have at least three women working in high-ranking positions within the brewery. 

Photo Credit: Roosters Brewing Co.

Based on these common misconceptions, it may be surprising that so many women are working in the beer industry, but more and more breweries are bringing women on board. “Together, we’re not only changing perceptions, we’re changing realities,” said a spokesperson for Roosters Brewing.

Photo Credit: Roosters Brewing Co.

Utah Chapter of Pink Boots Society Sparks Historic Beer

Ever since joining the Pink Boots Society two years ago, and brewing Fermentation last year, I’ve been trying to connect with women in Utah’s beer industry,” said Jacquie Wright King, the girl boss brewer from Roosters leading the charge on Collaborative Brew Day. “Last summer, Julie Schuler from Strap Tank brewing started up a Utah Chapter of Pink Boots. With the formulation of the Utah Chapter, I thought this was naturally the next step.”

Pink Boots Society

Photo Credit: Roosters Brewing Co.

Jacquie got the ball rolling for the Women’s Day event which also serves as the first official “Pink Boots Brew Day” for the Utah chapter. She goes on to explain her excitement for this historic day, “Women still only account for 2% of Head Brewers nationwide. We obviously are a very, very small portion of this industry, so events like this help women and girls everywhere realize that it is attainable to work in beer!”

The collaborative brew - “Mash the Patriarchy” - will take a couple weeks to ferment but once it’s kegged, will be pouring across the state of Utah, starting with a few local restaurants and of course the participating breweries. 


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