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How Colorado's Outer Range Brewing Leaves Life Below

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How Colorado's Outer Range Brewing Leaves Life Below

Blog Post Updated January 13, 2022

You know we are pro creativity here when it comes to the après-ski scene across the country. Innovative people and their funky ideas only add to the ski culture that we love so much.

We also happen to really love craft beer. 

When you combine the two, great things happen like in the case of Colorado's Outer Range Brewing. Not only did Outer Range Brewing Company put up their very own yurt but they are also doing amazing things when it comes to their craft beer. 

Outer Range Brewing Only Brews Two Styles of Beer

Lee and Emily Cleghorn Outer Range Brewing

Owners Emily and Lee Cleghorn are truly living the dream. Both, former members of the army, began their love affair with beer as home brewers. However, it was Lee's upbringing that shaped his brewing choices. As a youngster living in Belgium where his father was stationed, he drank many high alcohol content Belgian beers. As a result, Lee continues to have a palate for them to this day.

Beyond that, when both Emily and Lee decided to leave the army and live out their dream of starting a brewery, Lee interned at that rather popular Other Half Brewing while in brewing school at the American Brewers Guild. Other Half has made quite a name for themselves in recent years for their wildly sought after IPA's.

Given Lee's background in Belgium and at Other Half, it should come as no surprise that they brew only two styles of beer at Outer Range Brewing Company: Belgians and IPA's.

A Convenient Location and Great Craft Beer

Outer Range Brewing in Frisco, Colorado is located only a few minutes down the road from Copper Mountain. Therefore it should come as no surprise that they draw a substantial après-ski crowd.

Part of this, probably has to do with their location. It is kind of convenient. However, once you're there drinking Outer Range Brewing beer, you instantly realize that the crowd is there more than just because it's close to the mountain.

Better to focus on one or two things and do them well rather, than offer a variety of beers that are mediocre. It is one of the primary reasons why the quality of their beers is so next level.

Outer Range Brewing's In the Steep New England IPA is an excellent example. Leave it to the East coast skier to pick a New England IPA from a Colorado based brewery as one of his favorites.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for consistency. The cloudy hoppiness produces a juicy citrus flavor that is highly palatable. If you're looking to try one of their Belgians, go with the Madeleine. At only 3.5% alcohol and with a little funk this refreshing grisette is perfect after a day on the mountain.

Love Yurts So Good During Après-ski at Outer Range Brewing

Yurt Life IPA

You can experience these tasty beers and more this winter in the comfort of Outer Range Brewing's new yurt which made its debut in December. Brought in from Colorado Yurt Company for the first time last year, this 20' yurt was so popular that they decided to resurrect it again this winter outside of the brewery where it will stand until May. That's plenty of time to pay them a visit on your drive back from a ski day at Copper Mountain. 

"Our busiest time is the après-ski time frame (around 3-6pm). People love it and I notice that a big chunk of the pics people post about Outer Range are in the yurt." Like the one above from their friend and craft beer Instagram influencer, Kevin Boyd took of their popular and appropriately named Yurt Life IPA.

Outer Range has even been partnering with Weston Backcountry and REI to do classes and other cool outdoor-related events in the yurt. For example, at one of the more recent  REI + Weston collab events they discussed the best places to backcountry ski and splitboard in Summit County.

There is nothing like a few frosty beverages to enhance the learning experience. 

Encouraging You to "Leave Life Below"

Outer Range Brewing Company

It's innovation like what they are doing at Outer Range Brewing that makes them so special. Let's face it, it's a major risk to brew only Belgians and IPA's. I know this country is in a bit of an IPA craze these days but that is definitely not the case regarding Belgian beers. However, because Outer Range Brewing beer is brewed with the passion and love they are thriving.

Would you expect anything less from a brewery who is keeping it simple in order to ensure that the quality is at a level similar to their crazy high elevation? The notion that they are serving their amazing craft beer to a crowd of skiers and snowboarders in a unique structure like their yurt only elevates their status in my mind. 

Outer Range Brewing is where you go to "leave life below." Enjoy their craft beer. Enjoy the good company. Learn something from one of their events. And, ultimately forget the real world for a little while.

That's the mantra at Outer Range Brewing in Frisco, Colorado and it's a damn good one too. 

Leave Life Below But Not Your Après Ski Clothes

 Outer Range Brewing

Great après ski and great craft beer deserves equally great après ski clothing. With Outer Range Brewing right down the road from Copper Mountain, there is no better choice than our Raised on Après ski hoodie. Inspired by Copper Mountain posters of old and a tribute to beer in the mountains it is the perfect fit for hanging out in the yurt at ORB or inside the brewery itself. 

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