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Chasing Down Unicorns to Drink Their Blood

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Chasing Down Unicorns to Drink Their Blood

Blood of the Unicorn 

Pipeworks Brewing Company - Chicago, Illinois

Pipeworks Brewing Company Blood of the Unicorn

This hoppy amber ale may be considered the red headed step child to Pipeworks' highly rated Ninja vs. Unicorn but it is not slouch. The abundant hop presence should come as no surprise, as that is what Pipeworks is known for. However, what makes it unique is how well balanced out it is by the roasted malt flavors that make it an amber. This combination is bloody good, extra flavorful and dangerously drinkable. 


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Chasing Down Unicorns to Drink Their Blood Transcript

pipeworks brewing Blood of the Unicorn

I'm sitting in the backyard here at Stoner’s Palace and a unicorn just ran through my yard. We got to go see if we can find it! Stay with me! Stay with me! I think he came over this way. I think he came into this yard. We found it! There it is!

This seems like the perfect time to have a Quick and Crafty Brew Review and it just so happens I have the perfect beer for it, Blood of the Unicorn.

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Oh, it’s a little foamy from running down this Unicorn. This is like the redheaded stepchild of Pipeworks Brewing’s main beer Ninja Vs. Unicorn.

Let's give it a try. It's seriously hoppy but it's well balanced with these nice roasted malts. I think if I keep drinking this unicorn blood will run through my veins and I'll have superpowers.

Definitely give this one a try. I think you're gonna love it. I'm gonna go play with my newfound friend the unicorn over here.


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