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Après-Ski Cocktails: Apfel Collins

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Après-Ski Cocktails: Apfel Collins

Lead Photo Credit: Monkey 47

If I'm being honest, I'm not a gin drinker. Sorry Snoop Dogg, LOVE the song but gin and juice just really isn't my thing. Maybe it's because I was raised on Tanqueray and Seagram's and the taste of juniper is so overwhelming. Seriously, it bitch slaps you like a rogue branch when you're skiing the trees. That said, many of the new age gins are a far cry from the OGs (original gins) that we grew up on and may just change your mind.  

Craft Spirits Revolution Doing Wonders for Gin

The craft distillery revolution has done wonders for gin. Once a traditionally sweet spirit full of pine, the new craft gins are far more subtle in nature. No sugary juniper slap in the face here. The flavor profiles are balanced with a focus on other fruits or herbs. Like in the case of Monkey 47, whose gin is named for the 47 botanicals used to make it.

Monkey 47 Gin is Not What You Would Expect

German distiller, Monkey 47 uses 47 different botanicals straight from the famed Black Forest to produce their gin. The result is a breath of fresh air. Zesty citrus hits you up front but then mellows out into a unique combination of fruits and herbs that you would not expect from a gin. Not really sure what a lingonberry is and I couldn't find chamomile if it were in my tea but Monkey 47 has changed my mind on what gin can be. 

Apfel Collins a German Tom Collins

Let's be realistic though, you're not drinking gin straight though. Are you? If so, good for you but I recommend you giving this tasty craft cocktail a try. A German riff (Apfel relates to northern or central Germany) on a Tom Collins the addition of dry hard cider makes it an excellent après-ski cocktail for any fall skiing (or whatever outdoor activity) you might be enjoying. 


- 2oz Monkey 47 Gin

- 3/4oz Fresh Lemon Juice

- 1/2oz 1:1 Simple Syrup

- Dry Hard Cider


Add Monkey 47 Gin, lemon and simple syrup to a shaker, add ice and shake or 5-7 seconds. Strain over fresh ice into the glass of your choice and top with a dry styled hard cider of any brand. Garnish with a slices of apple and a lemon wheel or a fresh citrus twist.

Pair With:

Cool fall nights in front of the fire pit, roast pork loin with roasted root vegetables and good friends. 

Come back to the All About Apres Ski Craft Beer, Wine and Spirits Blog and let us know how you liked this recipe. On another note, be sure to keep us in mind this holiday season. We’ve got tons of unique and fun products that will make a perfect gift for your loved ones. Check out our I’m only in it for the Apres’ Rustic Wood Pint Glass Shelf available for just $65.00.


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