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Après Ski Beers: Ska Pils World

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Après Ski Beers: Ska Pils World

All About Après top choices for skiing's best après ski beers. 

This fall at the Great American Beer Festival Ska Brewing Company debuted their hotly anticipated Pils World and this past weekend, during one of my notoriously famous backyard barbecues I had the opportunity to open up a few cans of this refreshing twist on a traditional German Beer. It was good, really good. The malty base was on the lighter side while the hoppiness was also subtle. What, I really liked the most was how well the beer worked with the bbq wings and beer can chicken nachos that I prepared on the smoker. The citrus notes of the pils stood up to the spicy, smokiness of the wings and nachos with ease, This perfect pairing with two of America's best après ski foods, makes Ski Pils World an excellent choice during après ski. Throw in it's lower 5.4% ABV and that means you can have a few without forgetting that your skis are on the rack outside. 


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