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Après Everything With Upslope Brewing's Dry Hopped Saison

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Après Everything With Upslope Brewing's Dry Hopped Saison

All About Après Rogue Report Episode 6



Video Highlights:
00:35 Introduces Upslope Brewing
1:06 Talking About the Lee Hill Series
1:45 Why Rich loves Saisons
3:00 Tasting notes
4:00 wrapping it all up


Hello everybody this is Rich Stoner with the All About Après Rogue Report. Remember, we're taking any handheld device we can find to help bring you the best places to play on and off the mountain plus all the food beer gear and more to make it epic.

So today we're checking out a beer from Upslope Brewing Company out in Colorado. Love these guys!  Their hashtag is après everything which fits awesome what we're trying to do at All About Après . You know we're

All About the Après . So we like to après hike, après bike, après ski, après surf...doesn't really matter. As long as we're working hard, what we want to do is we want to finish the day with a bunch of friends, a bunch of family, tell stories ,have a few beers, and have some great food.

So what they've got here is their Lee Hill series. This is a dry hopped Brett saison. I'll be straight up honest with you. If I had no clue, I would think Lee Hill was a person. Sounds like a a general in the army, quite honestly. But I know a little bit better and I know this was actually their original seven barrel brewery. Now it's kind of like their subsidiary brewery and taproom. It's where they do a lot of their experimental beers. It's where some of their best beers come out of.

So we're gonna give this one a shot. Again it's a saison so it's kind of it's probably gonna have a little bit of uh, you know, probably more of a sour taste to it. I personally love saisons. I think it's a little bit different from all the the hop madness that everybody's doing these days. So we're gonna give it a little taste.

I'm looking at it packaging. It's pretty awesome. It's an ale. It's aged in wine barrels, so again it's probably gonna have that little sour taste to it.

I love what their ingredients say. Snow melt. Really!? I mean what's better than that. If that doesn't say après everything I don't know what does.  Floor malted,  pilsner malt, Nelson Silvan hops, saison yeast, champagne yeast, brettanomyces...whatever the hell that is. Alright, but I think that's going to give

it the sour taste that it's supposed to. Alright so as evidenced by my last couple of row reports you can tell I really suck at pouring beer so hopefully I'll nail it this time. We'll give it a shot here. I'm switching up the glass so I think that's gonna be my know hopefully that'll help me out a little bit. 

Pours the beer

Finally I figured out how to pour a beer. It's a good thing so I don't look like I'm 16

years old anymore. You can tell right off the bat from the from the smell but it's got a little bit of a almost like a sour smell to it. Kind of a fruity flavor, a fruity smell to it. Honestly you could taste the fact that it was aged wine barrels. There's definitely a wine finish to it. It's got like some traditional saison flavors but you can definitely taste the wine flavor at the end of it on the finish.

I kind of dig it.  I think it's probably a great warm warm weather beer. It's not overly hoppy. It seems pretty seems pretty light on the palate. Would I drink a ton of them? No. But if I was out, you know, on a hike or whatever and in the warm weather this would probably be a nice little thirst-quenching beer that I hit up at the end.

So once again, this is Upslope Brewing. This is their dry hop brett saison from the Lee Hill Series. Digging what they're doing out there. Love their hashtag après everything. It fits right in with All About Après and what we're trying to do and they're making some great beers. This is one of their their signature, one of their more experimental beers I should say. Their signature beers are great. I recommend checking them out. I mean any beer that's made with the first ingredient being snow melt. Does it get any better? I don't think so.

So cheers to another All About Après Rogue Report. Remember
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Cheers to All About Après


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