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A "Crispy Little" Beer From Suarez Family Brewery

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A "Crispy Little" Beer From Suarez Family Brewery


So recently we were on our up in the Catskill region skiing which is located in the Hudson Valley. And on one of the days that we weren't skiing we popped into the Suarez Family Brewery. Their a tiny brewery in Livingston, New York, which is a little bit out there but they're making quite a name for themselves. They're kind of like, for lack of a better phrase, they're kind of like the Hill Farmstead of the Hudson Valley brew scene and the Hudson Valley brew scene is actually a pretty good one. And, as a matter of fact, Dan Suarez of the Suarez family spent some time as a brewer at Hill Farmstead, so it's no surprise really that the beers that he's putting out are really making a name for themselves.

So what we're actually going to check out today is their Crispy Little. Alright this is a beer that I had while I was there at the brewery itself and when I went to pay my tab I was like, you know what that beer was so darn good give me a growler of it. So I picked up a growler that I brought home and we're going to have a little bit today

(pops the top on the growler)

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It's a great sound. Let's see if I can pour this one a little bit better then the last time where I pretty much sucked.

(pours the beer)

Uh looks like another epic fail on my end as it comes to pouring. You would actually think that I was about 17 years old never poured a beer before.

So it's kind of got like a citrus smell on the nose. Maybe a little bit of orange. As far as the taste goes it drinks like a little bit of a lighter IPA which is kind of interesting since it's actually dubbed as an American Pale Wheat Ale. I think the wheat as part of the grain kind of balances it out a little bit, maybe rounds it off and gives it the crispiness that I guess is in the title. Overall, I think it's a really really good beer which is why I grabbed the growler.

Nonetheless, what I really like about the Suarez family brewery is they're not doing all these crazy hop bombs. These, you know IPA upon IPA like a lot of the other breweries out there doing these days. They're trying to be creative. They're doing you know different pils, different saisons, they have a great porter. Even they're hoppier beers, which I guess this is one of them, even I don't really find it super hoppy. They don't drink like a traditional New England IPA or anything like that. They're just a little bit on the lighter side. I think this one's about five percent alcohol.

So overall, I love what these guys are doing. If you're up skiing in the Catskill region at
places like Belleayre, Hunter, I would definitely be sure to check out the Suarez Family Brewery. It's not a far drive from any of those resorts and pick up a few beers at the brewery or pick up a few growlers and take him home for apres ski. I don't think you're gonna find much better. Cheers!



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