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5 Après-Ski Wines to Help You Warm Up by the Fireside

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5 Après-Ski Wines to Help You Warm Up by the Fireside

Whether you're carving fresh powder or cruising groomers, the day ends one way on the slopes: hanging out with friends by a crackling fire with a glass of something divine. But navigating the après-ski spirit wold can be a bit tricky. Sure you can choose the old staple, beer. And, you can never go wrong with a good Old Fashioned. However, what about wine? The après-ski wine world can be as tricky as a tree run. Fear not, fellow ski bums and snow bunnies! This guide will equip you with five fireside wines, guaranteed to melt away the mountain chill and ignite your taste buds.

Conquering Chills With These Fireside Wines

1. Whispering Angel Rosé: Provençal Pink Perfection

Whispering Angel Rose

Photo Credit: @thewhisperingangel Instagram account

Rosé...isn't that for summer? Maybe, but imagine this: the sun dips behind snow-capped peaks, casting an alpenglow across your rosy glass. Enter Whispering Angel Rosé, the quintessential après-ski companion. This Provençal stunner boasts a vibrant hue, reminiscent of a sunset over the Alps. Its crisp, dry palate bursts with flavors of juicy grapefruit, watermelon and a hint of rose petals. Light and refreshing, it's the perfect way to rehydrate (I use this term loosely) and unwind after a day on the slopes.

2. The Estates Cabernet Sauvignon 2018: Bold Elegance from Napa Valley

Robert Mondavi The Estates Cabernet

Photo Credit: @robertmondavi Instagram

Craving something as bold as dropping into McConkey's at Palisades Tahoe? Look no further than The Estates Cabernet Sauvignon 2018. This Napa Valley beauty delivers a symphony of dark fruit flavors – think black cherries, currants and ripe plums – interwoven with hints of spice and cedar. The rich, full-bodied palate warms you from the inside out, while the smooth tannin structure make it surprisingly approachable. Pair it with hearty mountain fare like fondue or stews for an après-ski feast fit for a champion.

3. The Winery of Ellicottville Dry Riesling: Local Love and Crisp Refreshment

Winery of Ellicottville apres ski wine

Photo Credit Winery of Ellicottville Instagram Page

No après-ski adventure is complete without supporting local heroes. Enter Ellicottville Winery's White Label Riesling, a crisp and vibrant expression of New York's Finger Lakes region. This award-winning wine dances on the palate with juicy pear and apple notes, balanced by a refreshing minerality. Its light-bodied elegance pairs beautifully with lighter après-ski bites like charcuterie boards or cheese plates. Plus, raising a glass to a local gem adds a touch of heartwarming cheer to your Holiday Valley experience.

4. Old Town Cellars' Perpetual Reserve Pinot Noir: Velvety Smoothness from the Russian River Valley

Old Town Cellars Park City

Photo Credit: Dan Campbell Photography

For those seeking a touch of romance in their fireside wine, look no further than Old Town Cellars' Pinot Noir. This California gem oozes elegance, with a silky smooth texture and aromas of ripe cherries, raspberries and a hint of earthiness. The delicate spice notes add complexity, while the balanced acidity keeps it refreshingly drinkable. Curl up with this Park City Pinot, and let its luxurious character transport you to a cozy mountain cabin under starry skies.

5. Silvara Vineyards Blanc de Noirs II Sparkling Wine: Bubbles for Every Celebration

Silvara Winery fireside wine

Photo Credit Silvara Winery Instagram Page

No celebration is complete without bubbles!  And, there is no better time to celebrate than after a day on the mountain amongst friends. As the sun dips behind snow-capped giants, Silvara Blanc de Noirs II ignites the fireside celebration with its burnished gold glow. A crisp apple symphony and bubbles bursting like mini-victories on your tongue. It's a liquid cheers, a bubbly ode to frosty slopes, shared laughter and the promise of many more adventures to come. 

So, grab your gloves, your ski buddies and these après-ski wines for every palate. As the flames flicker and the stories flow, let these delicious fireside wines warm your soul and fuel your après-ski adventures. Remember, the best wine is the one that brings you joy and is shared with good company. Now go forth and conquer those post-ski chills!

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