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The Seafarer Bar Offers a Fun Après Surf Vibe on the Jersey Shore

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The Seafarer Bar Offers a Fun Après Surf Vibe on the Jersey Shore

I know the perception of the Jersey Shore has a bit of a negative stigma. Thanks Mtv show with the same name. However, what is portrayed on Jersey Shore the show, is such a small percentage of what really exists here in my home region of the Garden State. In fact, it's filled with small cute beach towns each with their own identity and packed with bars and restaurants donned with their own unique apres surf vibe. 

One of my favorite little Jersey Shore towns is the Highlands. Nestled along the coast just north of Sandy Hook, this long-time fishing town has grown into a hub full of many excellent bar and restaurant options. From Moby's, the old school lobster deck, to the new, swanky Proving Ground and everything in between, visitors can easily find something to whet their appetite. For us, we're all in on The Seafarer Bar, which with it's entirely outdoor setting, laid back vibe and Local Smoke BBQ food truck is après surf at its finest.

The Seafarer Bar is Après Surf at its Finest

The Seafarer Bar

Photo courtesy of The Seafarer Bar Instagram Page @theseafarerbar

The Seafarer Bar is and it's idyllic setting is the perfect spot to keep your beach day going with a few cocktails apres surf. Upon entering, you are taken by what feels more like a resort bar than one on the Jersey Shore. The sand under your feet, the exquisite view of the Sandy Hook Bay, the dock that extends out over the water...they all play their part.

The Seafarer is built for the camaraderie that comes after a day on the beach. In the sand area there's a little spot with spaces decorated with lounge chairs and fire pits. Order-up an island themed cocktail while you kick-back, relax and enjoy the company of others as you listen to live music and enjoy the amazing water views in front of you. And, when it comes to their menu, they have a little something for everyone.

Island Themed Cocktails, NJ Craft Beers and Local Smoke BBQ

beach themed cocktails The Seafarer Bar

Photo courtesy of The Seafarer Bar Instagram Page @theseafarerbar

The Seafarer Bar's signature cocktails are there perfect way to start your apres surf experience. I definitely recommend The Captain. Generally, I'm a tequila guy but this drink is made up with Mezcal and that's close enough for me. It's smokiness plays perfectly with the sweet agave and tangy lime making it a rather tasty and refreshing summer après surf cocktail. 

Eventually, I like to make the switch to craft beer. The nectar of the gods is my lifeblood and The Seafarer has an excellent selection of rotating taps from New Jersey breweries. This gives you many great local options to pair with another Jersey Shore mainstay, Local Smoke BBQ. This summer, for the first time ever, Local Smoke and their award winning BBQ has taken over the food truck that has been permanently parked at The Seafarer for years. The previous food truck did make an out-of-this-world brunch burger but I'll take Local Smoke's Buffalo Pulled Chicken Sandwich any day of the week. It's killer!

There is No Better Way to End Your Beach Day

Apres Surf at The Seafarer Bar

There is simply no better way to spend a summer evening on the Jersey Shore. Being at The Seafarer Bar is like being on vacation. Laid back vibes, good food and drink, incredible water views and most importantly, excellent's the very definition of après surf. If you haven't gone, go now. If you have visited, then go back. And when you do, set the tone by wearing our All About Après Just Chillin Tee. It fits the mood just right.






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