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A Ski Bum Foodie's Guide to Dining at Vail Resort

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A Ski Bum Foodie's Guide to Dining at Vail Resort

In our initial Foodie's Guide to Ski Resort Dining, we took a look at Deer Valley Resort. They are one of the best in the country at offering their guests a variety of ski resort dining options and some amazing dishes at each one. This time around, we take a deep dive into Vail Resort, just not in the way you would expect.  

Vail Resort Pioneered Top Notch Ski Resort Dining

Vail Resort was the pioneer in advancing beyond just providing their guests with just epic skiing and riding. The OG of the all encompassing ski resort, they have been offering their guests a variety of amenities for years. With their Faux Austrian village conveniently located at the heart of their base areas and a variety of on-mountain dining, Vail has options for days. So many, that it can really tough to navigate and decide where to eat.

The 10th Vail Resort

A Ski Bum Town Deserves a Ski Bum Menu

Even I had a hard time doing so and could probably do two or three foodie posts on Vail Resort dining all at diversified price points. The prevailing perception of Vail is that is is overwhelmingly frequented by wealthy skiers living the high life. To a degree this is true however, if you look a bit closer, at its heart, the Vail valley is a ski bum town, filled with people working to make enough money to cover their epic pass and rent. That said, I felt compelled to stick to my roots and provide you with a look into Vail Resort's dining from a ski bum's perspective. 

Breakfast at Loaded Joe's

Loaded Joe's Vail

Photo Credit: Loaded Joe's Instagram @loadedjoesavon

If there are no friends on a powder day, there should be time for breakfast. But you'll want to make it a quick stop, especially with Vail's legendary back bowls awaiting. That said, hit up Loaded Joe's conveniently located in the base village enroute to Gondola 1, you can't go wrong. Their coffee is the perfect way to shake the cobwebs from the previous night while you wait for them to whip up your breakfast burrito. I always go with the pork burrito because their bacon is the bomb. Loaded with copious amounts of bacon, ham, onion, cheddar, potato, chipotle ketchup it is the most nourishing option to have you out in the back bowls before they get skied off. 

Lunch at The 10th

The 10th Vail Resort

Located Mid Vail, The 10th is arguably the most convenient place on the mountain to grab a bite at. However, with a locker room to store your boots and replace them with slippers and some of the best comfort food you can find, it would be easy to understand why your lunch at the 10th could carry right into apres ski there as well.

The 10th Burger Vail Resort

The Food Network has a show called The Best Thing I Ever Ate and if I were on it, there is no doubt that my pick would be the Truffle Fries at The 10th. A heaping mound of fries that I swear have to be double fried in duck fat and then perfectly coated in black truffle aioli, herbed parmesan and white truffle essence it is outrageous. Wash it down with a local craft beer and you may not need anything else. But if you did, The 10th Burger blend of wagyu beef and pork belly bacon is the perfect compliment. Told you that you wouldn't want to leave. 

Après Ski at The Red Lion

Red Lion Vail Famous Nachos

There are no shortage of options for Apres Ski at Vail...Garfinkel's, Los Amigos and the Bridge Street Bar to name a few. However, the foodie in me will almost always gravitate to The Red Lion and their abnormally large portion of Nachos. It is apres ski after all and nachos are the ultimate ski day ending shareable dish.

The Red Lion's famous nachos have copious amounts of corn tortilla chips that are piled high and topped with your choice of meat, like my go to the pork carnitas. It is then smothered in cheese and topped with green onions, diced tomatoes, jalapeños, and black olives and served with a side of salsa and sour cream. With a plate of nachos like this, you better roll with a big group to share it with because it is a behemoth.

Dinner at Vendetta's 

Vendetta's Vail village

The Boneyard 

Photo Credit: Vendetta's Instagram @vendettasvail

Not too far of a walk from the Red Lion is the legendary Vail village establishment, Vendetta's. With some of the tastiest and most creative pizza options around, there are no shortage of ski bums dining here. You won't be disappointed with a regular pie but I encourage you to try one of their inventive pizza creations. Me, I like the Snow Pig topped with an array of pork products including Canadian bacon, pepperoni and sausage. Looking for a non-meat version then definitely order The Boneyard. A riff off of Willie's White Pizza, it is loaded with spinach,
mushrooms, tomato, garlic & feta and is mouth-wateringly delicious. 

 Vendetta's Vail

The Snow Pig 

Photo Credit: Vendetta's Instagram @vendettasvail



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