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How Good Times With Friends and Family Made This Mount Snow Weekend a Fun One

How Good Times With Friends and Family Made This Mount Snow Weekend a Fun One

A week before I was heading up to Vermont and it was dumping snow. Winter storm upon winter storm had deposited over two feet of fresh pow all over the state and I was stoked to take advantage of this. One problem, I was still a week out and, as luck would have it, warmer temps and rain were on the way. My Martin Luther King weekend had already been partially wiped out by similar weather and it looked like my presidents' weekend would be too. Good thing was I was headed to Mount Snow both times and their new state-of-the-art snow making system would have the mountain in top shape as long as the weather cooperated for a little while. It did and what could have been a disastrous second holiday weekend turned into one filled with good times and great memories. 

Mount Snow

Early Shred Then Bullwheel Bloodies

After hitting the mountain early on Saturday, we took advantage of late arriving crowds and the reconditioned snow, ultimately getting in a surprising amount of runs prior to our pretty standard Bloody Mary break at the Bullwheel around noon. With a bluebird day, no wind and temps hovering around the freezing mark, we hung on the deck overlooking beautiful views while chowing down on pretzels dipped in cinnamon and sugar butter. Yes, I'm serious.The pretzels were served with straight butter mixed with cinnamon and sugar. It took me a minute to realize what the hell I was eating, but once I did, there was no stopping me. Wash that down with some Hill Farmstead Edward that they had on tap and it is was pretty damn amazing lunch break. 


A Few More Runs Before Tuohy Was Calling Us

Jeff Tuohy, Cuzzins Patio, Mount Snow

Revitalized by bloodies, beer and butter we headed back out to the slopes, schussing around for a couple more hours before the melodious sounds of Jeff Tuohy playing on the Cuzzins patio at the base became too tough to pass up. Imagine a day where Tuohy kicks off après at 1 only to be followed by Bruce Jacques inside Cuzzins at 3:30. No need to dream, this mind blowing combination actually happened this past Saturday and it made stopping mid-afternoon when snow was starting to get skied off perfectly acceptable.

Kudos to Mount Snow for putting together an epic après ski scene for the holiday weekend that was only enhanced by the addition of their new bar, Canned. No nonsense here, just tasty canned beers from Vermont brewers without the hassle of wait service. And, with the "drive in window" in full effect, there was no need to leave the Tuohy performance to order inside. Tough to get better than this, but Tuohy capping off an incredible show with an encore of Biggy Smalls, Juicy and Bruce Jacques set to play inside to a packed house of mountain riders dancing on tables, it did.

Cuzzins Mount Snow  Cuzzins Mount Snow

This is What All About Apres is All About

Cuzzins Mount Snow

The All About Après Ski Team had filtered in at this point and with my friend's daughter and mine back dooring it into Cuzzins (we taught our kids well) the good times with good people raged on. As they always do, the two nine year olds managed to maneuver their way to the front row to watch Bruce Jacques, once again, put on his typical entertaining show. We watched from the back taking in all the families that have been coming there for years, once again realizing that this is our future. I would have it no other way, we were all together enjoying our time with family and friends. This is what a great ski vacation and what All About Après is about, ultimately turning what, once again looked like a potential disaster of a weekend driving up on Friday into one of the most fun ski weekends that I have ever had. 

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