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The 3 Best Truckee Coffee Shops to Start or End Your Ski Day

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The 3 Best Truckee Coffee Shops to Start or End Your Ski Day

The best days are when you go right from coffee to beer. -Marcie Stoner

Let's face it, skiers and snowboarders like coffee.

It's the ultimate way to start your day on the mountain. That's why there is no shortage of coffee shops in ski towns across the country. This is particularly true of Truckee, California. 

Located a short drive from some of the area's best ski resorts like Palisades Tahoe and Northstar, Truckee is not only a great town for après-ski but one to hit up on your way to the mountain. 

Finding coffee in this mountain town shouldn't be hard. There are many Truckee coffee shops to choose from. It's finding the one that's right for you that can be a challenge. 

Whether it's to knock the cobwebs off from a little too much après-ski the day before or to just give you a little jolt to start your day, here are my three favorite Truckee coffee shops. 

My 3 Favorite Coffee Shops in Truckee, Ca.

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters

Darkhorse Coffee Roasters Truckee

Photo Credit: @darkhorsetruckee Instagram

I stumbled upon Dark Horse Coffee Roasters a few years back while skiing at Northstar.

Boy am I glad that I did. 

Staying in Reno and up early because of the time difference, I started to make my way to the mountain early with the intention of stopping for coffee.

I did a quick Google search for coffee shops in Truckee. Dark Horse Coffee popped right up. I knew by the pictures online, that this Truckee coffee shop was my kind of place. 

Housed on River Street in a historic stone building that was once a saloon, Dark Horse Coffee catches your eye before your nose can even get a whiff of their exceptional brews.

Darkhorse Coffee Roasters Truckee

Photo Credit: @darkhorsetruckee Instagram

Walking downstairs into the basement entrance, you'll be taken by an atmosphere that is both welcoming and nostalgic. Dark wood, stone walls accented by shelves with books give way to comfortable couches that will all make you want to hang there all day. 

I wouldn't blame you if you did. Their coffee is worth it, especially the pour-overs. Brewed perfectly to extract the maximum amount of flavor, they'll have your taste buds dancing. 

Dark Horse Coffee may be a great place to start your day but it could turn into an après-ski stop as well. They now serve beer and have live music regularly, which makes it worth passing back through. 

Coffeebar Truckee

Coffeebar Truckee

Photo Credit: @coffeebar Instagram

Founder Greg Buccheister grew up a competitive ski racer in Winter Park, Colorado. His career gave him the opportunity to travel the world. It was these travels, particularly his journeys to Italy where his love affair with coffee began.

It was, however, more than just the tasty Italian coffee that Buccheister was drawn to. The Italian coffee experience is more than just good espresso and cappuccino. It is the idea that everyone who visits the cafe is made to feel at home. 

Hospitality is the exact concept behind the Truckee coffee shop, Coffeebar.

Hospitality and exceptional coffee, that is. 

It's this very combination that helped them transform their location in an old tin barn on Jibboom Street into a Truckee hotspot. The large indoor space flows seamlessly onto a beautiful outdoor patio that is very reminiscent of the courtyards you'd see in the Italian countryside. 

Coffeebar Truckee

Photo Credit: @coffeebar Instagram

There you can sit back, relax and take it all in over one of their signature cappuccinos. However, the name may suggest that their menu serves only coffee but this Truckee coffee shop is far more than that. 

Coffeebar is an all-inclusive Italian experience. That said, their menu highlights include tea, a variety of baked goods and some really yummy savory dishes. They even serve wine and beer making Coffeebar an excellent evening après-ski nightcap. 

Pacific Crest Coffee

Pacific Crest Coffee Truckee

Photo Credit: @pacificcrrestcoffee Instagram

You may know Pacific Crest Coffee founder Ralph Backstrom from his professional snowboarding days. After all, he did once sit atop the snowboard world as the 2013 Freeride World Tour Champion. 

At that time, snowboarding may have been his primary passion but he always had a fondness for coffee. One Christmas, his brother Arne got him an Aeropress and a bag of coffee.

Thus began the love affair between Ralph Backstrom and coffee. 

This passion continued to grow. Then, when his brother Arne passed away in a skiing accident, Ralph began learning to roast in his brother's "Whirley Pop" stovetop popcorn maker. 

The rest, as they say, is history. 

A few years later, Ralph and his partner, former U.S. Ski Team member Travis Ganong, opened Pacific Crest Coffee. Named after the trail in the Sierra Nevada where Backstrom honed his skills as a snowboarder, Pacific Crest Coffee is one of the best coffee shops in Truckee.

The beans are roasted on-premise in the back of their Truckee warehouse then transported a few feet to the front of the house. There, the coffee is brewed in a variety of ways including through their espresso machine that I swear makes one of the best cappuccinos I've ever had. 

Start or End Your Day at Our Favorite Truckee Coffee Shops

The local mountain town of Truckee is situated not far from some of America's best ski resorts. That makes it a primary spot for visitors to stay or visit while passing through to the mountains. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that their are an array of coffee shops to choose from. If you happen to like to start your ski day with a cup of Joe or end it with an espresso or even a glass of wine these Truckee coffee shops have it all.

  • Dark Horse Coffee: a unique historical atmosphere, excellent pour-overs and the prospect of live music.

  • Coffeebar: An all-inclusive Italian cafe experience based on hospitality and includes baked goods, food and even wine.
  • Pacific Crest Coffee: The heartwarming story of a former professional snowboarder Ralph Backstrom who draws inspiration from his late brother to roast and brew some of the best coffee around. 

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