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Our Guide to the Top 5 Après-Ski Food Dishes From This Ski Season

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Our Guide to the Top 5 Après-Ski Food Dishes From This Ski Season

Après-ski is great for so many reasons. The people, the food, the drinks...they all play an integral role in properly ending your ski day. Gathering with others and sharing your experiences is fun. Actually, it's what life is all about. You simply cannot go wrong when hanging with like-minded people and telling stories about your day. However, these stories are on their own, they can only be enhanced with the support of tasty ski food and beverages. 

Good food and good drink are the vehicles that drive the conversation. Overlooking them, would be like removing the steering wheel from your car and trying to drive. Not easy, is it? Over the last decade or so, the food and beverage scene and ski resorts have grown exponentially. They are more than just places to ski and snowboard. In an effort to satisfy more than just your average ski bum, ski resorts and the surrounding area have become full-fledged foodie destinations.

Five Ski Food Dishes That Definitely Don't Suck

In last week's blog post, I recapped my five favorite new après-ski beers from this season. This week we're taking a bite out of après-ski food and giving you our favorite dishes from our ski tour around the Northeast this winter.

Irish Combo: Finnerty's Tap Room - Ellicottville, NY

Finnerty's Taproom Irish Combo

You really can't go wrong with much of anything that Finnerty's Tap Room has on their menu. They have such a great variety that there is something for everyone. The Irish Combo, however, is a MUST! By combining two of their award winning apps, the Reuben Eggrolls and Reuben Meatballs into one dish this drool-worthy will have you salivating the second you see it come out of the kitchen.

Risotto Bites: Villaggio - Ellicottville, NY

Risotto Bites Villaggio Ellicottville

You don't have to go to far for this next après-ski appetizer. Villaggio is another pillar of Ellicottville and within walking distance from Finnerty's. These Risotto Bites are the brilliant brainchild of owner and established restaurateur Nick Pitillo. By turning the rice ball into smaller bites, he's made the dish more shareable while maintaining the spicy, meaty creamy nature of this Sicilian staple 

Mango-Habanero Wings: The Tannery Pub & Restaurant - Gore Mountain

Mango Habanero Wings The Tannery Gore Mountain

Since Covid-19 caused nachos stock to drop this winter, I've been on a bit of a chicken wing kick. That's never a bad thing. As a result, I was able to taste test some really good ones which made narrowing it down to one really tough. That said, the Mango-Habanero Wings at The Tannery take the prize. Cooked to perfection with a crispy outside and juicy inside then doused in the spicy sweet sauce, they were spectacular. 

Pork Carnitas Street Tacos: La Casita - Wilmington, Vt.

Pork Carnitas Tacos La Casita

Ever since the legendary Pancho's Wreck went out of business, I've been searching for a good Mexican restaurant near my home mountain of Mount Snow. Great news...I finally found it! La Casita's menu is top shelf and the the Pork Carnitas Street Tacos are to die for. The pork is slow cooked to perfection juicy and full of flavor. The flour tortillas are fresh, soft and serve as the perfect little bed for their tasty pork companion. Essentially, La Casita is taking this traditional Mexican street food and elevating it to new heights. 

1846 Tavern Burger: 1846 Tavern and Restaurant, West Dover, Vt. 

1846 Tavern Burger

Nothing hits the spot après-ski like a good burger however, sometimes they can be a bit hard to find. Oh sure, almost every ski town restaurant has a burger on the menu but whether or not it is a good one is debatable. Sometimes they try to do too much with what is already a good thing. KISS...Keep It Simple Stupid. I know Alvin Cailan and other fans of The Burger Show would agree that all you really need is meat, cheese and a bun. The 1846 Tavern takes this mantra and runs with it.  A juicy 8 oz. burger with delicious Vermont cheddar served on a brioche bun, the 1846 Tavern Burger is simplicity elevated.

What's Your Favorite Après-Ski Food?  

Do you have a favorite dish that you tried this winter? If so, we'd love to hear about it. Let us know what that food was and why it was so great in the comments section below. And if you are an après-ski food connoisseur like us then there is no better shirt for you than our Certified Après-Ski Instructor tee. Wearing it let's everyone know that you mean business at the end of your ski day. 

Do you love good après-ski food after a day of skiing and snowboarding? If so, then be sure to subscribe to our Après Eats Food Blog and never miss another post. We consistently review the best ski food out there while also giving you recipes to cook for you and your friends after a long day of skiing, snowboarding or whatever your passion is.  


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