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Laurel Mountain, PA: Unveiling the Vintage Ski Gem with PA's Steepest Run

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Laurel Mountain, PA: Unveiling the Vintage Ski Gem with PA's Steepest Run

Let's face it, Vail is known more for their glitzy mega-resorts than anything else. In fact, Vail Resorts has often been accused of stripping all their properties of the ski culture they are known for and making them, well – more Vail. However, I have not found that to always be the case. And, if you are seeking a ski experience steeped in history, heart and, dare we say, steep slopes, then look no further than Laurel Mountain in Pennsylvania. This hidden gem boasts a retro vibe that'll transport you back to the golden age of skiing, with a healthy dose of local charm thrown in for good measure.

Nostalgia Meets Thrill at This Vintage Ski Resort

Laurel Mountain

Photo Credit: Laurel Mountain

Established in 1939, Laurel Mountain which was originally owned and operated as a private ski area by General Richard K. Mellon became Pennsylvania's first ski resort. 85 years later it is now a Vail Resort but its legacy as a local favorite shines through. Imagine a cozy lodge crackling with fireplaces, vintage posters adorning the walls and friendly faces greeting you with a warm "yinz." It's a far cry from the cookie-cutter resorts you are used to offering a unique and authentic experience that feels more like a weekend getaway with friends than a mass-produced ski trip.

Conquering Lower Wildcat: The Steepest Ski Run in Pennsylvania

Steepest Trail in Pa

Don't be fooled by the nostalgic charm. Laurel Mountain also packs a punch when it comes to thrills. Lower Wildcat, their legendary black diamond run boasts the title of the steepest ski run in Pa. It is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. This heart-pounding descent will test even the most seasoned skiers, carving its way down a 60% slope that'll leave your legs burning and your heart racing.

But fear not, intrepid shredders! The mountain caters to all levels, with a variety of gentle greens and rolling blues perfect for honing your skills or enjoying a leisurely cruise down the slopes. There is even some excellent tree runs if the snow is good. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-timer, there's a run at Laurel Mountain waiting to be conquered.

Après Ski Bliss: The Wildcat Lounge Awaits

Wildcat Lounge Laurel Mountain

After a day of conquering the slopes, the Wildcat Lounge is the perfect place to unwind and soak in the post-ski vibes. This iconic lodge bar, with its rustic charm and crackling fireplace, is the heart of the après-ski scene at Laurel Mountain. Grab a frosty local craft beer like the Goat Path. Brewed by nearby Unity Brewing and named after a trail at Laurel Mountain its malty goodness pairs perfectly with sore quads and good times. Beer in hand, swap stories with fellow adventurers and fuel up on hearty pub fare like the local favorite, Wildcat Stew. It's the perfect way to end a day of shredding.

Ski into History, Slide into Fun: Laurel Mountain's Unforgettable Appeal

Laurel Mountain

Photo Credit: Laurel Mountain

Vail Resort may be known for its mega-resorts but that's certainly not the case when it comes to Laurel Mountain in Pennsylvania. If you're looking for a ski experience that's equal parts nostalgia, challenge and local charm, then look no further. With its steep slopes, friendly atmosphere and vibrant après-ski scene, Laurel Mountain is a hidden gem that is sure to leave you wanting more.

The Ultimate Après Ski Clothing for This Vintage Ski Resort

Laurel Mountain

With the final run down Lower Wildcat tamed, my legs buzzing and cheeks flushed, I knew it was time to trade my skis for something a little more après-worthy. But even when swapping powder for pints, style matters. That's why I slipped into the ultimate après essential: our It's Time to Send It ski t-shirt.

It's not just about the comfort - the bold graphic, a playful nod to gelande quaffing the drinking game as legendary as Laurel Mountain's steeps, instantly sparked conversations and fueled the après spirit. As laughter echoed around the fireplace and stories of epic runs flowed, I realized the perfect après outfit isn't just about looking good. It's about setting the tone for unforgettable mountain memorie, and thanks to this shirt, mine were already après-ski gold.

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