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Fresh Snow and Fun Events Highlight Spring at Brundage Mountain

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Fresh Snow and Fun Events Highlight Spring at Brundage Mountain

The only thing better than a powder day is a spring ski day on the mountain. The longer days and warmer weather just bring the best out of skiers and snowboarders. It also brings the best out of the ski resorts who tend to host some of their most creative and fun events each spring. Brundage Mountain in Idaho certainly fits this mold as they are all set to host their Gaper Day, BREWlympics Saturday and Last Tracks Tradition this spring. 

The One Day You Want to Be a Gaper

Brundage Mountain Resort Gaper Day

Photo Credit: Brundage Mountain

What's a gaper? 

According to Urban Dictionary, a Gaper is a skier or snowboarder who is completely clueless. It's also an acronym meaning Guaranteed Accident Prone on Every Run. 

On most days you definitely want no part in being a gaper. However, for this day only, Brundage Mountain Resort is asking you to channel your inner gaper and bring it to the mountain. 

This is your opportunity to break out your old highlighter jacket, sport the gaper gap and rock your nicest pair of jorts as you shred for the day. Then when it's time to après ski, you'll be dressed and ready to participate in Brundage Mountain's BREWlympics. 

Put Your Athleticism to the Test at Brundage Mountage Resort's BREWlympics

Brundage Mountain Brewlympics

Photo Credit: Brundage Mountain

If you've ever dreamed of being a Brewlympian, this is your chance. Brundage Mountain Brewlympics is where champions are made. For the occasion, they have assembled some of the best drinking games in order to separate the pretenders from the contenders. 

The festivities kick off with the Root Beer Relay. Yes, this one is for the kiddos and is bound to bring enjoyment to the crowd in anticipation of the Beer Relay that follows. 

As fun as a good beer relay can be it's the main event that everyone will be waiting for. This year, Brundage Mountain has teamed up with Salmon River Brewery to bring you their very own Gelande Quaffing tournament.  

Brundage Mountain Gelande Quaffing

Photo Credit: Brundage Mountain

If you've never gelande quaffed before, you are missing out. It involves three key skills and a whole lot of style. 

THROW the beer. CATCH the beer. DRINK the beer.

Gelande Quaffing is that simple and very exciting.

Throughout the tournament, teams of four hurl the beer down the long table toward their waiting teammate who will catch it and chug it. Scoring follows the official Gelande Quaffing rules (yes, they exist) and style points are added for tricks and costumes.

"The most athletic beer-drinking game in the world" never disappoints and will definitely have the crowd whipped up into a frenzy. 

Above Average Snowfall Makes for Great "Last Tracks" at Brundage Mountain

Brundage Mountain snow

Photo Credit: Brundage Mountain John Webster

Beyond hosting a variety of great events this spring like the two mentioned above, Brundage Mountain Resort has received above-average snowfall totals this March. On average Brundage receives 33" in this month alone. They have already surpassed this total with the 69" they received so far this March. And, there are still a few more days left. 

As if you needed more reasons to get the "Last Tracks" tradition at Brundage Mountain, but if so, Mother Nature just gave you 69 of them. 

 Brundage Mountain Last Tracks

Photo Credit: Brundage Mountain

All this extra snowfall will make Brundage Mountain's annual "Last Tracks" tradition feel more like first tracks. Nonetheless, good things have to come to an end and so will their season on April 9. Guests are encouraged to grab a portable beverage from Smoky’s Bar & Grill and meet at the summit that day at 4 Pm for a toast to the season and a final group lap on Main Street.

It's the ultimate end to a great season and a fantastic series of spring events. 

The Best Après Ski Clothes for the Festivities

Apres Ski Team T-shirt

Spring events like the ones at Brundage Mountain require the best apres ski attire. If you are competing in the Gelande Quaffing Championships teams are encouraged to have team names with matching costumes. Make yours the Après Ski Team and wear our Apres Ski Team T-Shirt or ski hoodie. You're matching outfits will turn heads especially when you win. Just be sure to post a pic rocking your shirts when you do. 

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