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Five Reasons Why Mount Snow's Oktoberfest is Our Favorite Event of the Year

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Five Reasons Why Mount Snow's Oktoberfest is Our Favorite Event of the Year

Blog Post Updated on 9/28/21

I'm hot off another spectacular weekend spent at Mount Snow's Oktoberfest. This is the second year in a row that my family and I have attended and it is, hand's down, one our favorite events of the year. Generally speaking, it is hard to really go wrong with a good Oktoberfest celebration.

Even the smallest of these festivals turn out just fine. How could they not? There are tons of really happy people that are only made happier by the copious amounts of beer and bratwurst that is readily available to them.

However, Mount Snow elevates this contentment to another level that extends far beyond just really good beer. It is a whirlwind of fun that will have you wishing that every weekend was this good. Here are just five of the key reasons why Oktoberfest Mount Snow Oktoberfest in Vermont is one of our favorite events of the year. 

Family Friendly Means Fun For All

Bobbing for donuts Mount Snow Oktoberfest

I'm not necessarily opposed to bringing kids to beer themed festivals. In fact, I'd be lying if I said that my three daughters aren't already veterans of these events. People tend to look at you a little cross eyed in these scenarios. Maybe it's because they're a little bit lit, but more than likely it's because they believe you just probably shouldn't tote your kids along to beer festivals.

This is SO not the case at Mount Snow's Oktoberfest. There is just as much to do there for the kids as there is for the adults. Kicking off the afternoon with their own version of the Gulp and Gallop race, they are primed and ready to hit every activity thereafter.

Kids Gulp and Gallop Mount Snow Oktoberfest

From pumpkin painting, to touch a truck, to the kids' stein hoisting, to bobbing for donuts there is just so much for them to do.

My girls love it!

And, because the kiddos are having so much fun, that mean's so can the adults. 

Everyone Enjoys a Good Competition

Keg Tossing Mount Snow Oktoberfest

Everyone enjoys a good competition and there are plenty of them to chose from. Some people like to drink beer, some people like to run, but athletic beer drinkers like my wife and I, we like to do them both at the same time. That is exactly why we hit the ground running in the Gulp and Gallop 5k. Four laps out and back, each culminated by chugging a beer will have you pumped for your day of competitive fun.

The Keg Tossing is always a fan favorite. Whether competing or not, there is nothing like watching some of these monsters go beast mode as they hurl a keg through the air.

Stein Hoisting Mount Snow Oktoberfest

The Stein Hoisting is my personal favorite. It really gets the people going. Large crowds gather to watch competitors' arms shake uncontrollably while trying not to not let that oh-so-heavy stein of beer drop below shoulder height. If you haven't done it, you must give it a try. The stein hoisting is as much a test of will as it is strength. 

The stein hoisting and keg toss are both great but it is hard to argue the level of enthusiasm that accompanies the schnitzel toss. Nothing says good times like a weiner being tossed back and forth between friends. 

Peak Foliage is Breathtaking

Vermont Foliage

Not to get all idyllic on you here, but the Vermont fall foliage is outstanding. The dates of Mount Snow's Oktoberfest happen to coincide with peak foliage and scenery like this makes the whole event just a bit better.

Beer in hand, take a break from the festivities and look around. The array of colors is fascinating to see. Immerse yourself in it by hiking the mountain to earn your après for the day. Or, soar above it all and get a bird's eye on the Bluebird Express. The culmination of your trip? Stunning views from the mountain top of the fall colors in the picturesque Deerfield Valley

Costumes Keep Things Interesting

Mount Snow Oktoberfest

From simple t-shirts with catchy phrases to full on lederhosen and dirndls, there are no shortage of costumes at this festival. I love a good costume. It makes things more interesting especially when those costumes extend above and beyond the traditional German garb.

Sure lederhosen is cool and all but when the Teletubbies show up to run the Gulp and Gallop, you know you are in for a good time. Hell, I even had the chance to hang with Jesus, the Pope and the Cardinal this year (aka Jesus and the boys). These former Super Troopers (their costumes last year) were my inspiration to run this year's race in my Tipsy Elves onesie.

Throughout the day I watched as they turned water into IPA's (miraculous) and were the focus of many pictures with adoring fans. 

No Mountain Does Craft Beer Like Mount Snow

Two Roads Brewing Mount Snow Oktoberfest

I have maintained time and time again that the craft beer scene at Mount Snow restaurants and bars is arguably the best of ski resort in the country. Food and Beverage director Michael Giorgio can go toe to toe with anyone on his knowledge of the craft beer scene. He parlays his firm grasp of this market into an epic selection of suds throughout the year.

Festivals like Mount Snow Oktoberfest only magnify this. A tasting ground for craft breweries from the tiny to the large it serves as a barometer for what they will offer at Mount Snow bars like Canned and The Bullwheel this coming winter.

As I sampled craft beer from over 36 different breweries I was blown away by the variety of styles that were available on this given day. Zero Gravity, Maine Beer Co., Two Roads Brewing, Fiddlehead was hard to make a bad choice and my only regret was that I could not try them all. 

Choose Your Après Ski Clothing Wisely

If it's warm enough, and costumes aren't your thing, there is no doubt you should go with a fun ski t-shirt. After all, Mount Snow is a ski resort so you want to dress appropriately. Nothing says mountain life like our Brews With a View Après ski T-shirt. It's the perfect way to show your love of the mountains and still stay cool on a hot day. 

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