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Big Dreams Finally Fulfilled at Big Snow American Dream

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Big Dreams Finally Fulfilled at Big Snow American Dream

Xanadu. There it sat for 15 years, another glaring eyesore on the New Jersey Turnpike. With a paint job that resembled a rusted old car, what was billed as an epic mall to change all malls, it just sat, and sat, and sat.

Kelly Clark Big Snow American Dream

From Xanadu to American Dream

Xanadu was no more than a failed attempt at creating what could have been a defining attraction in NJ. That all changed when the Triple Five Group took over this retired project in 2011, dubbed it the American Dream and now turned it into a reality.

Big Snow American Dream

Why do I care? Aside from the new, improved and much needed paint job, with it came the renewed dream of developing America's first ever real snow indoor ski and snowboard center. That dream finally became a reality as Big Snow American Dream opened for business last week. 

Big SNOW American Dream, A First of Its Kind Facility

Big Snow American Dream

Big SNOW American Dream, operated by New Jersey-based SNOW Operating is the first facility of its kind within the U.S. and Canada. Four acres, 160-foot of vertical, 1000 feet of length and a pitch that reaches 26% its steepest, and a constant temperature of 28 degrees, "Big SNOW is a a game changer for skiing and snowboarding in the United States," says Hugh Reynolds, vice president of marketing and sales at Big SNOW Operating. 

Apres Ski Will Have to Wait but Big SNOW Still Delivers

Big Snow American Dream Apres SkiRed Gerard Big Snow American Dream

Game changer, for sure. I recently had the opportunity to check it out and came away more than pleased. Aside from a lack of on site apres ski it more than delivered on its promise. The snow was pristine, aided by the radiant cooling floor and snow melt systems. The atmosphere was fun and exciting as the attendees lapped the hill over and over taking full advantage of the limited lift lines. And, as for the apres's coming. Word is that soon enough, there will be a Hard Rock Cafe and a brewery upstairs to provide the perfect ending to your day at Big SNOW. 


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