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8 Tips to Survive Mount Snow's Oktoberfest

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8 Tips to Survive Mount Snow's Oktoberfest

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Blog Post Updated on 9/28/21

Mount Snow's Oktoberfest turns 21 this year.

I'm so proud.

It's all grown up now, they can actually legally drink all those stein filled beers they have been serving for the last two decades.

Drink, they and I, will.

How could I possibly miss the 21st birthday of my home mountain's Oktoberfest?

Not that I need an excuse to drink beer and eat German food, but if I did celebrating Mount Snow's 21st annual Oktoberfest seems like a good one. So with my family in tow, I will be making my way to Vermont to celebrate Mount Snow's Oktoberfest armed with these eight essential tips. 

Mount Snow Oktoberfest Stein Hoisting

With the Gulp and Gallop beer run kicking of the day followed by plenty of beer and schnitzel you can eat, this is certainly the perfect way to jump start my intense après-ski training. With après-ski, season right around the corner, there is no better time to start than now.

However, Mount Snow's Oktoberfest is not just for adults. It's fun for the whole family. My girls are just as stoked to take part in the Kids Zone where there will be a ton of family activities including: beanbag toss, a bouncy house, pumpkin painting and, everyone's favorite, donut eating on a string. 

Wishing you could take part in a competition or two. Wish no more. With the Keg tossing competition, Stein Hoisting even and schnitzel toss, there are plenty of games for the competitive adult in you. 

Mount Snow Oktoberfest Kids Zone

With so many fun activities to take part in, it's hard to imagine fitting it all in. You have to try though and I'm here to help with your cause.

I caught up with Mount Snow's now former communications manager and festival expert, Jamie Storrs, for his top tips on how to survive Mount Snow's Oktoberfest.

Time to iron your lederhosen and get ready to strap them on. This fun-filled weekend will be one for the ages.

8 Tips to Survive Mount Snow's Oktoberfest

1. Kick off the weekend on Friday: On Friday night at 1900 burger, Mount Snow will be hosting one of its famous beer pairing dinners, this time with delicious beers from von Trapp Brewing and Upper Pass Brewing. Five gourmet courses paired with five tasty beers from two of my favorite Vermont Breweries. Sounds like my kind of event. 

2. Get in early and stake your spot: While most people are content showing up later in the afternoon, those who know show up early and stake out their spot with a popup tent and/or chairs. Not only does this give you a home base, but it gives the kids a place to hang while mom and dad are getting schnitzel-faced.

3. Take a ride to the summit: Take a trip to the summit to see why Vermont is world famous for its fall foliage with 360 degree views that stretch for miles and let you see four different states. You aren’t the only one that wants to experience these views though, so be sure you head down early to avoid getting stuck in the lift lines. Bonus Points: Hike up to the summit and earn those beers! 

4. Pretzel Necklaces are a Must: While there’s a ton of great options when it comes to edibles, Oktoberfest veterans come in wearing their own pretzel neck less so when hunger strikes all they need to do is reach down for a snack. 

5. Fun for the kiddos: With a Touch-a-truck event, climbing wall, snowboard rodeo, and many more kid-focused activities, Oktoberfest is a great event to bring the kids as there’s tons for them to do. Heck, they even have a kids version of the Gulp and Gallop 5K race. 

6. Limited Edition Steins: In a tradition that started last season in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Oktoberfest at Mount Snow, they secretly released 150 limited edition steins that sold out in the first 20 minutes. These steins are twice the size of the normal steins and hold a whopping 32oz of German malty goodness. Those who know, know to show up pre-event and purchase these limited steins at Mount Snow Sports in The Grand. Those who snooze, lose! 

7. Keg tossing: Practice makes perfect, so pre-season training is highly encouraged if we want to beat the heavy hitters. Keg Toss Mount Snow Oktoberfest

8. Buy early and save: Don’t snooze on a good deal. The earlier you buy tickets, the more you save.

Bonus Tip: Bring a Your Favorite Ski Sweatshirt

Often times, the weather at Mount Snow, Vermont can be a bit unpredictable. The day can start cold, get quite warm and then immediately drop back down. With that in mind, our Après Ski Fleece Sweatshirt will be great addition to your attire for that day. Start off with it on. Then when it gets warm, tie is around your waste until that mid-afternoon chill hits the air again. It's functional, comfortable and worth having with you. 

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