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Our Recommendations to Help You Through Quarantine

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Our Recommendations to Help You Through Quarantine

  1. Training, Reading, Listening, Watching & Cooking What We're Doing Right Now

Quarantine has us all stuck inside for the time being. Hell, we can't even get out and have coffee at our favorite coffee shop these days since they've all been shut down. It's kind of coincidental given that we are coming off the winter. Three straight months of being mostly indoors and now we're stuck...indoors. I'd totally understand if you want to scream. AHHHHHHHHH! 

So go ahead and let it all out but, when you are done, come back to this post. We'll continue to help you get through it all. Since many of us have a ton of newfound time on our hands, finding things to do with it is at a premium. That said, here is a list of our current indulgences to help you train, read, listen, cook and watch your way through quarantine. 

At Home Workouts Under Quarantine

We're huge advocates of earning our après here whether we're skiing, hiking, biking, or just plain old working out. Since the quarantine began, training at Stoner's Palace has been at an all time high. My neighbors and I began a daily pushup challenge with a goal of completing 100 pushups in under 10 minutes each day. Why? I suck at pushups and needed to improve on them. Today is Day 10 and I'm already starting to see results.

Beyond that, my wife and I have been training right alongside our CrossFit Five Points community despite not being able to visit the box. They have done an excellent job programming wods on their Facebook Page that, along with workouts from @streetparking on Instagram and ones that I have programmed myself, have helped us continue to become better athletes. If you are interested, I post all my Earn Your Apres workouts to my @allaboutapres Instagram story on a daily basis.

Finally, and I know this may sound crazy, I have supplemented all of this training with regular yoga sessions. Having switched over to streaming networks, I simply ask Alexa to find me yoga and that does the trick. From there I can take my pick but usually end up choosing something by Erica Vetra. I'm no yogi but she seems to have her practice on lock and it helps me open up my stiff ass body. 

Looking for Something to Read?

In Search of Powder: The Story of America's Disappearing Ski Bum by Jeremy Evans

If you are an ex-ski bum, a current ski bum or just someone who enjoys a well written sociological tale about the soul of skiing then this book is for you. Jeremy Evans a former newspaper writer from the Lake Tahoe area has done a fascinating job of chronicling America's disappearing ski bum culture. On the surface it's a well researched record of how the ski industry's growth and rising real estate (among other things) have made it nearly impossible for ski bums to even exist anymore. However, at its heart, In Search of Powder is a human life story filled with inspiring characters of days gone by that make you wish you took the chance when you had it.

A Real Estate Podcast Worth Listening

Speaking of real estate and ski bums, I have recently renewed my interest and passion for the housing market. It's quite fascinating and, I've concocted a grandiose plan of real estate investment that I'm calling my Ski Bum Retirement Plan. In order to make this a reality and limit the risk, it will take a ton of education on my part and that all begins with listening to the Bigger Pockets Podcast. Released weekly on Thursdays, hosts Brandon Turner and David Greene are an entertaining and informative duo that is worth listening to. Each weekly episode includes an interview with someone at the forefront of the industry who, by telling their story, provides a ton of value to anyone that listens. As it turns out, they are also offering anyone of their books right now for only $10 so consider this a double bonus and add it to your reading list as well. 

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Now is the time to binge watch the crap out of all of those shows that you've been saving for a rainy day. We're currently on a regular rotation of The Mandalorian, Jack Ryan, The Handmaid's Tale and The League. All of these are excellent options however, if you are really looking for something to blow your mind, go with Netflix's newest documentary series Tiger King. HOLY HELL! What an absolute train wreck? You'll be hooked instantly on just how whacky Joe Exotic, Carol Baskin's and the other big cat cast of characters are. 

Cooking Up Some New Recipes

Boneyard Chicken Wing Recipe

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I'm quite the foodie, regularly posting the dishes that I'm eating at restaurants or making on my own, to the page. Well, now with all this time on your hands, it's time for you to give a recipe or two a try. I even dabbled in making my own buttermilk biscuits this past weekend using legendary chef, Sean Brock's recipe. Epic fail on my end, I messed up a bit with the temp on the butter and they didn't really rise, leaving me with what looked more like buttermilk biscuit pancakes. Oh well, I'll give it another try this weekend. 

You all on the other hand should definitely try making my Boneyard Wings with the recipe that I included at the end of this blog post. Inspired by my recent après ski travels, they are to die for and you will be left with nothing more than the bones. Thus the name. Side note, the recipe says to use a smoker and if you have one, go for it. However, they can easily be made in your oven or using a deep fryer.  

Be Sure to Watch Thursday's Episode of Covid Cantina

Do you have any fun quarantine activities? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below. And, don't forget to watch Thursday night's episode of Covid Cantina on IGTV where my beautiful wife Marcie and I will be breaking down the finer points of one of the craft beers we're drinking from exile. Spoiler is going to be from our recent blog post Surviving Quarantine With These Jersey Shore Craft Beers. Gotta give my local breweries some love during these times. 

All About Apres Boneyard Wings Recipe
2 tbls garlic powder
2 tbls paprika
2 tbls Italian seasoning
2 tbls salt
1 tbls onion powder
1 tbls pepper
1 tbls Mexican style chili powder
1 tsp crushed red pepper
1/2 cup ranch dressing
1/4 cup honey mustard
1/4 Frank's Red Hot Sauce
Warm up Smoker on high smoke for 15 min. 
Lightly salt the wings. Then cover all sides of the wings in the cajun seasoning rub.
Put the wings directly on the grill and leave the temp on high smoke while cooking for 15 min. After 15 min adjust temperature to 250 degrees and continue to cook for an hour and 15 min. 
Pull the wings off the grill and toss in the Boneyard Sauce. Then return the wings to the smoker and cook another 30 min at 250 degrees. 
Remove and serve with blue cheese. 



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