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Après Ski Gear Review | Stanley French Press 48 oz

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Après Ski Gear Review | Stanley French Press 48 oz

Stanley French Press is Built For Adventure

We're not on the mountain. We're not at the beach. We're here at Stoner's Palace and I have a new product for you guys to check out. It's the Stanley French Press. In true Stanley fashion, this thing is pretty rugged, so it's great for any sort of adventure that you're going to go on. If you're going to the beach early in the morning to surf some waves, you’ll want to bring this along to have some coffee ready for when you finish. If you're tailgating on the mountain, having a few cups of hot coffee with you prior to getting out on the snow is nothing short of a necessity. Either way, make sure this Stanley French Press is in your gear pack. You won’t regret it!

Let's undress it so to speak here you know sounds pretty kinky. Let's take this bad boy off. Wow! A paper cut...awesome. Thanks Stanley.

Anyway, in true Stanley fashion this thing is no joke. I mean it has this kind of  gunmetal green exterior paint to it. Based on the feel of it it's kind of heavy but not
overly heavy. It feels rugged, durable and perfect for the outdoors.

Comfortable Handle Holds a Big Pot of Coffee

With regards to the handle, it has this ergonomic design that's pretty comfortable to hold so it will provide the opportunity to drink with ease.  It's not metal and it seems to have sort of a plastic rubbery feel to it, creating a soft and comfortable grip. The pot volume is 48 ounces, which translates into about 8 cups of delicious coffee. In terms of the inside, well I’m guessing you won’t want the directions in there when you're making the coffee but you should probably read them first as I did. Whether you’re making coffee before your morning surf session, or wanting to have it ready and waiting for you apres surf, the double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel interior will keep your coffee piping hot for up to four hours. On the flip side, if you like your coffee chilled, you’re in luck! This press can keep your coffee cold for up to nine hours, add some ice and you’re set for a full 24.

A Well Designed Lid That Keeps Your Coffee Warm

The press component seems pretty well designed. If you take a look, you can see this kind of beveled angle that they put on. Then take a look at the spout on the top of the lid. It's tough to see but there's a little arrow and that will line up with this slant when you go to pour but then you can twist and it'll seal it up and it'll keep it warmer for longer. The lid is also designed with an easy clean filter that is dishwasher-safe providing a smooth sip of coffee.

Getting Adventurous With Coffee Surf Dawn Patrol Roast

Other than those details, it's a standard French press. Now to be honest with you I've never actually made French press coffee in my life. I've drank it plenty of times but i've never actually made it myself, so this could be pretty adventurous. For that purpose, I enlisted my good friends over at Coffee Surf Co. to give me some of their new Dawn Patrol roast. Their tagline is, Putting an adventure in every cup. Well like I said, I've never made coffee this way before so we're definitely going to put adventure in this French press. 

How To Use a French Press

The way you want to do this open the bag up. That's a good tip right there, you definitely want to open the bag. I have a pre-ground coffee and we're going to put roughly two tablespoons for every eight ounce cup. This is 48 ounces so you're going to do about 12 tablespoons right on the bottom of the French press.  You can adjust accordingly if you want it a little bit stronger or a little bit tame. I started with 10 scoops. This being the first time I've ever made it, I don't want it to come out like diesel gas. 

I have to get my hot water which we're going to pour right into the pot and over the coffee grounds. Once you do, stir it up a little bit to make sure the grounds are kind of homogenized. I believe that is the word. Either way, just make sure the grounds and water are thoroughly mixed together.

From here it's pretty simple. Put the top back on and this is the best part. It's oddly satisfying. We're going to press it down. I recommend going a little slower because what's going to end up happening is if you go too fast, the grounds are all going to shoot to the top and nobody really wants grounds in their coffee. So we go pretty slowly and take our time to make the perfect pot of coffee. 

A Delicious Pot of Coffee Surf Dawn Patrol

Coffee Surf Dawn Patrol

It smells delicious. I mean, really really good. The coffee grounds are now pressed all to the bottom and that is where they will stay. I have my little arrow lined up and holding the top like this, we're going to give it a pour. I like a little Oatly in mine. This is my this is my new jam. To be honest with you, I love oat milk a lot better than regular milk or half and half.

I think we did a pretty good job here. There's no coffee grounds sitting on the top. Let's

see what kind of coffee it's a damn good cup of coffee. That's really, really impressive and surprisingly not as much of an adventure as I thought it would be. 

Key Takeaways From The Stanley French Press:

  1. Coffee Surf Dawn Patrol is a damn good coffee that is perfect for your apres surf sesh early in the morning.
  2. The Stanley French press is pretty rugged, durable and built for the outdoors
  3. It's going to keep your coffee hot for about four hours.
  4. I love the grippiness of the handle. 
  5.  It's pretty simple to use. I've never actually made a French press coffee before and it's pretty simple and came out great.

Overall, I think it's a great product. There is a reason Stanley has been in business for a long time and this is just this is just one more example of that. Enjoy the coffee apres surf with your dawn patrol buddies rocking our signature Adirondack Chair t-shirt and New School Trucker Hat as seen in the video. 



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