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5 Pieces of Après Ski Clothing You'll Need This Winter

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5 Pieces of Après Ski Clothing You'll Need This Winter

Blog Post Updated on August 2, 2022

Person 1: How many layers are you going to wear today? 

Person 2: I don't know, how many layers are you going to wear today? 

Person 3: Well, the high is only going to be about 26 today and cloudy maybe you should go with three. 

Person 1: Do you think that's enough? 

Enough of that, you get my drift. This is a regular debate in the mornings with the crew that I travel with on ski weekends. 

Me? Not so much. 

I'm focused on how I can seamlessly blend being warm and comfortable enough in my ski gear with looking good in my après ski clothing. It's a skill that requires thought and planning but for those of you who love their post-ski shenanigans, as much as I do, great après-ski attire is an absolute must. 

What is Après Ski Wear?

 apres ski mount peter

Generally speaking, the post-shred scene kicks off right after the lifts stop spinning. At least it does for most people. There are the select few après all-day types who like to get their party on significantly earlier. Either way, it is not uncommon to rock the insulated layers that you wore all day skiing and snowboarding right to the bar. With this in mind, consider wearing apres ski clothing that serves a dual purpose. 

Our brand focuses on apres ski fashion that can take you right from the trail to the town. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that my après ski outfit usually consists of one of our All About Après t-shirts worn over my base layer. If I'm still a little chilly from the mountain, I will throw one of our 1/2 Zip Performance Skiing Midlayer or ski hoodies over it.

This combination gives me just the right amount of warmth while on the mountain and the ability to shed some gear when the bar heats up and the boot dancing begins.

The Best Après Ski Fashion Focuses on Style and  Comfort

When it comes to your après ski wear, you obviously want to look good too. However, looking good is nothing if your clothing is not comfortable. There is nothing worse than spending what could be the most fun hours of your ski day in agony.

If you are worried about carrying too many items to the lodge, most resorts offer free bag checks these days. Be sure to take advantage of this. Pack your ski bag with a few key items and store them for the day. Then when the time comes you'll have your après ski gear ready to keep you comfortable when your time on the mountain ends.

In the long run, planning ahead is guaranteed to optimize the fun of your after-hours experience. Here are 5 essential après ski clothes that will take you from the trails to the bar without missing a step. 

5 Après Ski Clothing Essentials

Tipsy Elves Ski Sweater

Ski Sweater: A ski sweater is an ideal clothing item to transition from the slopes to the bar. A lot of ski clothing brands like Dale of Norway, Obermeyer and Tipsy Elves make excellent technical sweaters that also look really good and are very comfortable. 

Technical Flannel: Flannels are like the tuxedos of the mountain fashion landscape and technical flannels are the BMW of this category. With the ability to wick away water and keep you warm they serve as an excellent mid-layer substitute.

With buttery soft comfort and awesome looks, the High Sierra from California Cowboy is an excellent choice to transition from shredding pow to drinking beers. It even has a pocket to hold your beer while you do say, I don't know...a shotski. 

apres ski hoodie

Fleece or Ski Hoodie: A good ski hoodie or fleece is both casual and effective. Either of the two can serve as your mid-layer while skiing and riding. They are also an invaluable part of your après ski outfit.

A good ski hoodie or fleece like the ones we offer from our après ski brand are comfortable and stylish. Plus if you get too warm you can shed this layer pretty easily to unveil one of our après ski t-shirts

apres ski clothing

T-Shirt Over Base Layer: This is my go-to look. It works really well under the aforementioned fleece or hoodie. Our après ski clothing brand offers a wide array of graphic après ski t-shirts that are super soft and designed to spark a conversation. That is what après ski is all about, meeting people and sharing your stories of the day.

apres ski beanie

Après Ski Hat: Ski beanies and baseball hats are a vital component of your après ski clothes. Wearing a helmet all day can take its toll on your hair. It can seriously have it going in directions you did not think were possible. Don't let this helmet hair mayhem ruin your après ski look though. Tuck it into a ski beanie and the bedlam that is your helmet hair will no longer be a problem.

apres ski boots

Après Ski Boots: Ski boots suck! So why would you spend any more time in them than you have to? As I mentioned earlier, most resorts have free baggage checks these days. Use it to store a bag with a comfortable pair of boots for when your ski day ends.

Companies like Forsake are taking a deep dive into this category. They produce an array of stylish, comfortable and functional boots to take you from trail to town.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good boot dancing session. However, I'll leave that up to others and keep my feet comfy and warm in my après ski boots.

What is your favorite part of your après ski outfit?  

Did we miss anything? If you have a clothing item that you absolutely love, let us know about it in the comments below. If not, it's time you jumped in on the trend. Our après ski clothing brand offers a wide variety of options for you to up your post-ski day sartorial game. 

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