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5 Après Ski Themed Skis You Need in Your Quiver

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5 Après Ski Themed Skis You Need in Your Quiver

This is certainly not the first ski review of the season and, chances are, it won't be the last. However, it is definitely the most creative one and arguably the only one of its kind. Here's our first All About Après, Après Ski Themed Ski Review. In other words, if you're the skier who likes the throw back a shotski as much as you like to actually ski, then these are the skis for you. 

Men's Skis

Sego Ski Co. Tater Tot $769.00

Tater tots are all the rage now at après ski. Whether they are served on their own or smothered in cheese and pulled pork, their astounding versatility results in an amazing dish. No different, than this tiny spud are the Tater Tots by Sego Skis which are designed with the purpose of being the only ski in your quiver. Constructed with a good amount of rocker in the tips and some camber under foot these tots will surprise you with their versatility on the hill. So go ahead and cruise groomers, crush moguls or play in the park, this fun ski can take whatever you throw at it. 

J Skis The Friend  $749.00

Après Ski is all about being with your friends. I mean who doesn't like sharing the good times with a good buddy who is fun and forgiving of all your mistakes? You know, like the time you wrote on his face with a sharpie when he passed out in the hot tub after hitting it a little too hard (that may or may not have happened). Just like your buddy, J Skis The Friend is that fun and playful ski that will be there for you through thick and thin. Want to slay pow? This fatty has got you covered. Carve turns together? Sure, no problem. The Friend is there for you no matter what conditions mother nature throws at you. 

Rossignol Experience 100 HD TI $850.00

Whether you're banging back brews at the bar with friends or enjoying smores and hot chocolate by the fire with family, après ski is all about the experience. That time together elevates skiing from just another sport to an activity where the fondest memories are made. Add to those good times by carving up the mountain on your own set of experiences by Rossignol. This award winning ski is the ideal choice for any high level all mountain ripper and will guarantee that you have some seriously good stories to tell when the lifts stops spinning and the good times start rolling. 

If You Dont Apres Ski T-shirt All About Apres Trucker Hat

Women's Skis

Faction Skis Supertonic $699

What are you mixing with your tonic at après? Vodka, Tequila, Rum...doesn't matter it will all get you to where you need to be. Go big or go home with your tonic at the bar or these Supertonics from Faction. Designed for big back country lines through deep pow, they'll have you floating on air through the deep stuff and still give you plenty of control with the steep stuff. In other words, they'll have you earning that super tonic drink at après ski. 

Liberty Genesis 96 $650

Great ski stories tend to have their genesis over a few drinks with friends at après ski. Why? Because your big air that you caught floats higher and higher with every pint you down. Oh yeah, and there's a good chance Land of Confusion by Genesis might be playing in the background. For the ladies who are really throwing big air and shredding the steep and deep, the Liberty Genesis is a great way to go. You can even extend your story past its origins and onto the front side where this ski will become a playful and forgiving one quiver ski. 



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