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Why This Beer is A Worthy Tribute to the Jean-Clad-Skier

Why This Beer is A Worthy Tribute to the Jean-Clad-Skier

We've all seen the bumper stickers that don the phrase, "Trump Skis in Jeans," floating around on social media or maybe even in person. Although meant as an insult to our current president, there are, many people out there, that still ski in jeans. In fact, I knew a guy once that skied in jeans and we endearingly referred to him as, The Mogul King. Johnny Mosely he was not, but he did rip through those moguls exactly as you'd expect a guy in jeans to do...with an accidental reckless abandon. Why he even chose to go on trails with moguls or, more importantly, why he skied in jeans, I have absolutely no idea. Nonetheless we loved him as we do all skiers no matter what kit they cover their body in on the mountain.

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Light and Full of Flavor, Denim Downhiller is a Worthy Après Ski Beer 

It is this very jean clad skier that Alabama brewer, Good People Brewing Company pays tribute to with their, newly released, winter seasonal, Denim Downhiller. Little did I know that there was even a ski resort in Alabama, (look it up, it's named Cloudmount Ski and Golf Resort) let alone a group on loyal, scotch guarded, jean skiing enthusiasts that ski it. I guess as long as you don't get them too wet (that would suck) your après ski attire goes up a few notches from ski pants giving you the good looks you'll need to pimp some southern snow bunnies while downing a few pints of this new brew-ski. Who knows? Maybe they are on to something here. Aside from it being a sessionably light 5.3% ABV, it is damn tasty too. I enjoyed the toasty bread flavor and subtle caramel sweetness that coupled with the lower ABV made this sudsy libation an ideal beer for après (ie. a lighter beer with some flavor). So if you are a true Denim Downhiller, go ahead and have a sixer, you're just the person this beer is named for. If not, I suggest you toss back some anyway. You definitely won't be disappointed.  

Be sure to check out episode #106 of The Ski Bum Podcast, where I join the boys to talk more about Denim Downhiller and all of the other fun projects that we are currently working on here at All About Après.

Good People Brewing Company Denim Downhiller 


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