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TINCUP Mountain Whiskey Releases Limited Edition Fourteener Series

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TINCUP Mountain Whiskey Releases Limited Edition Fourteener Series

Inspired by Colorado’s 14er mountains, the brand’s oldest whiskey will be part of a new series celebrating life’s highest peaks.

TINCUP Mountain Whiskey first began in 1972 as a tribute to Colorado's first whiskey drinkers and the tin cups they drank from. Since that time the TINCUP whiskey distillery has produced some really good whiskey while developing a cult following among mountain lovers. This has ultimately enabled them to evolve into a fun brand that is dedicated to those who enjoy drinking whiskey in the mountains. 

To celebrate TINCUP Mountain Whiskey's roots in Colorado and a shared loved of the adventures that take place above 14,000 feet they announced the first edition of their Tincup Fourteener series.

Celebrating Colorado's Iconic 14ers

Colorado Fourteeners

Colorado is home to 58 mountain peaks exceeding 14,000 feet. These 14ers are so iconic that it only makes sense that Colorado's very own mountain whiskey brand would choose to celebrate them. 

TINCUP Fourteener is a 14-year-aged bourbon whiskey devoted specifically to these mountains. This year's edition features Longs Peak illustrated on the bottle and celebrates the 14ers in the famous “Front Range” of the Rocky Mountains. Future releases plan to highlight other 14er mountain ranges in Colorado.

TINCUP Releases Oldest Whiskey to Date

Tincup Whiskey Colorado

TINCUP Fourteener is their oldest whiskey to date. TINCUP Fourteener™ is a straight bourbon aged for fourteen years in new white American oak barrels, then cut to proof with award-winning Eldorado Springs water. Eldorado Springs is located just outside of Boulder, Colorado and was just voted as the second-best-tasting water in the world.

The result of the extensive aging and the excellent water source is outstanding. Rich and smooth TINCUP Fourteener offers up hints of warm vanilla, sugar cookie and sweet syrup on the nose while producing a caramel and fruity apricot flavor before giving way to a medium-long finish with candied vanilla.

“I’m so excited for TINCUP fans to try this new aged bourbon whiskey,” said Jess Graber, founder of TINCUP Whiskey. “Not only does Fourteener’s name pay homage to the rugged peaks that dot its home state of Colorado, it truly embodies our spirit of adventure. If you’ve ever been on the top of a
14er, you know it’s truly something to celebrate."

Get Yours Today and "Adopt-a-Peak"

Colorado 14er map

TINCUP Fourteener is available now in specific markets while supplies last. Purchasing a bottle does more than just get you a great bottle of whiskey. As part of the TINCUP Fourteener™ Bourbon Whiskey Series, TINCUP is donating $14,000 to the Colorado Fourteener Initiative (CFI). Funds will then be dedicated to CFI’s “Adopt-a-Peak" Program that helps preserve and restore trails, ensuring hikers have the opportunity to continue these adventures in the future.

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