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The Perfect Pairing: Rosé Wine With Pickle Flavored Popcorn?

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The Perfect Pairing: Rosé Wine With Pickle Flavored Popcorn?

* All Photos Courtesy of @10barrelbrewing Instagram Page

Are you a fan of Rosé wine?

How about popcorn?  

Do you like pickles?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are you will like the new Poppin’ on Cloud Wine pairing between 10 Barrel Brewing and Opopop popcorn company. 

Denver, CO-based Opopop, is known for their flavored gourmet popcorn kernels. Meanwhile, Oregon-based 10 Barrel Brewing has always pushed the limits of adventure-ready craft beer and canned cocktails that encourage you to drink outside. 

Now, these two highly reputable brands have come together like Voltron for one of the more unique wine and food pairings you have ever seen. 

10 Barrel Adds Canned Rosé Wine to Their Portfolio

10 Barrel Brewing Canned Rose Wine

This summer, 10 Barrel added to their award-winning libation portfolio when they announced the release of their new line of canned wines. What was once scoffed at is now becoming more the norm. 

Wine in the can just makes sense, especially when it is in the form of sparkling canned Rosé wine. Rosé is the ultimate patio-pounding beach sipping wine. However, larger wine bottles made of glass are not necessarily conducive to beach travel. It can be a bit of a challenge fitting them in a cooler and closing the lid. 

This, however, is not the case with canned wine. 

Grady Skelton, Senior Brand Manager at 10 Barrel elaborates by saying, “Drink Beer Outside is a staple of the brand, and canned wine brings that same ethos to those that enjoy sparkling wines.”

Now 10 Barrel has taken their innovative release a step further and given you the perfect pairing. 

Or, have they? 

Canned Rosé Wine Means Pickle Popcorn Time

Wine Pairing

Yes, you read that right. In the world of gourmet popcorn kernels, Opopop has created pickle-flavored popcorn.

The best part (other than the taste) is that it's called Pickle Monster.  Anyone with little kids will probably get that reference. If not, look up Tickle Monster. 

Nonetheless, it may seem like an odd combination pairing Rosé wine with pickle-flavored popcorn, but these two companies swear by it. 

“The moment we paired 10 Barrel’s newly released Sparkling Rose with Opopop’s Pickle Monster, we knew we had created something special for our customers. These two flavors go so well together,” said Sarah McDowell, President at Opopop.

To be honest, she's kind of not lying. 

Opopop’s Pickle Monster delivers a unique and bold taste and is the perfect blend of tartness, salt, and dill. This works surprisingly well with 10 Barrel’s Sparkling Rosé which includes a blend of cabernet sauvignon, syrah, and merlot grapes and has a nice dry finish.

It's one of those weird matches that just kind of work. 

The Perfect Combination For Summer and Beyond

Pickle Flavored Popcorn Flix

As warm temperatures continue to linger, there is still time to experience 10 Barrel and Opopop's pairing that was originally designed for the summer. 

The Pop & Bubbles Bundle is sold exclusively at and can only ship to OR, WA, CA, and ID (21+ signature required). The bundle includes one 320g bag of Opopop’s limited edition Pickle Monster, an eco-friendly Opopop silicone popcorn popper, and two cans of 10 Barrel’s new Sparkling Rosé, all for the reasonable price of $35.00.

That's a small price to pay for a pairing as fun as it is good.

If you love après ski and all of the drinks that go along with it, be sure to subscribe to our craft beer blog. We update it regularly with the finest craft cocktails to keep you hydrated all year long. 


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