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How Sufferfest Beer Company Encourages You to Sweat for Your Beer

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How Sufferfest Beer Company Encourages You to Sweat for Your Beer

Photo courtesy of Sufferfest Beer Company Instagram page @sufferfestbeer

If I'm being honest, when I first heard the word sufferfest I had absolutely no idea what it was or what it meant. I only knew that the person using the word, used it in association with Sufferfest Beer. Curiosity piqued, I prodded for further information not knowing that Sufferfest Beer embodied every ounce of our ‘Earn Your Après mantra. Here was a beer company whose sole purpose was to get out there, put in some serious work and then celebrate the effort with a frosty craft beer. I knew at that moment that I was hooked. Beer just tastes better when it is earned and Sufferfest Beer Company wants you to sweat for your beer. 

Sufferfest Beer Company: Founded by Athletes for Athletes

Sufferfest Beer Company

Photo courtesy of Sufferfest Beer Company Instagram page @sufferfestbeer

The cool thing about Sufferfest Beer Company is that it was created by athletes for athletes. Founded in 2016 by long distance runner Caitlin Landesberg, she began brewing beer that she enjoyed indulging in post workout. Kudos to her. I wish I could brew my own, but instead just buy my post workout bevvies. Nonetheless, this lower in calorie but not in flavor beer soon exploded. Now Landesberg has a team of athletes supporting their love of fitness and post sweat celebrations. Not to mention that Sufferfest caught the eye of long time craft beer giant, Sierra Nevada who purchased them in 2019.

So How Does Sufferfest Beer Taste?

Sufferfest Beer

Photo courtesy of Sufferfest Beer Company Instagram page @sufferfestbeer

When you spend your life in search of the latest and greatest hazy and juicy IPA, the idea of a low-cal craft beer may not sound too intriguing. However, you can't drink a total hop bomb after banging out The Murph on Memorial Day. That said, you may be more apt to pick up beers with names like: Flyby, Shred, Gut Check and/or Head Start. Thanks to Sufferfest's amazing marketing department, I was able to give a couple a try. 

Shred Kolsch

Truth be told, I love a Kolsch and Shred Kolsch is a highly unique take on this traditional German style. If you’re in for a solid day of drinking, a lighter-style beer is a must, and Sufferfest's version is very true to style. Light and crisp with the creative addition of cayenne and honey it is a well balanced flavorful version of the original. To top it all off, it's guilt-free 95 calorie-5 carb rating will keep your six pack abs equally shredded. 

Head Start Stout

I actually love stout beers, especially ones that are sessionable. Coming in at only 4.5% ABV Head Start fits that bill. tastes good. Brewed with coconut and coffee (two of my favorite flavors) you definitely get the coffee a bit more than the coconut on this. Overall, it's pretty medium bodied but a very tasty and drinkable session stout. 

Gut Check IPA

Low cal IPAs are kind of a thing now. Some are better than others but very few are as interesting as Gut Check. I'm assuming that the name has something to do with the fact that this IPA is brewed with apple cider vinegar which is known to ease gut inflammation. Either way, the flavor of apples is fairly present throughout along with a grassy somewhat lime flavor. It's a solid offering but I prefer the others.

Quench Your Thirst Post Workout in True Après Style

Sufferfest Beer Company

Photo courtesy of Sufferfest Beer Company Instagram page @sufferfestbeer

Staying hydrated with H2O during any workout is always necessary. Equally necessary is quenching your thirst after your workout in true après style with some tasty craft beers. No matter your beer preference, Sufferfest Beer is sure to hit the spot. Make sure to check out our awesome Custom Wood 6-Pack Carrier which will help you transport your Sufferfest selection safely and in style.


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