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"Drink in the View" at Aspen Brewing Company

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"Drink in the View" at Aspen Brewing Company

Photo Credit: Aspen Brewing Company

Updated on July 19, 2021

Is Apres Ski at Aspen Ski Resort Really That Opulent? 

Until recently, my most vivid knowledge of skiing in Aspen was watching TJ and Dexter make a run at the Powder 8 in the movie Aspen Extreme. Based on TJ's interactions with the lovely and wealthy Brice, I always assumed that Aspen was for the elite. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. It has that reputation of being pretty bougie, especially since Men's Journal even declared Aspen one of their four most opulent ski locations to visit.

However, you can't always judge a book by its cover. Après ski in Aspen has a reputation in the ski world for being a bit extra. However, there is a whole ski bum underbelly that is just waiting to be untapped. 

Aspen Brewing Company is seeking to change that.

With a laid back vibe, tasty craft beer and one of the best views in town, Aspen Brewing Company become one of the best place for après ski in Aspen. 

Aspen Brewing Company: Brewing Beer That is 'Downstream From Nobody'

Aspen Brewing Company

Only a few blocks walk from the base of Aspen Mountain Ski Resort ski area is Aspen Brewing Company. Founded in 2008, with the intention of brewing beer in Aspen that is "downstream from nobody" the brewery is so far from the preconceived pretensions that people have about Aspen. Aspen Brewing is run by a bunch of down to earth guys who really enjoy running a brewery in Aspen.

"We enjoy an amazing lifestyle here in Aspen, and that is a part of our company's culture.  We get to make a living and grow a small business in one of the most amazing places on earth.  If our team isn't making or drinking beer, we're outside playing in the mountains around us," said Duncan Clauss of Aspen Brewing Company.  

Drink in the View While You Après Ski In Aspen

Having tried a few of their beers, it is evident that they are living up to their 'Downstream from nobody' mantra. The craft beer at this Aspen brewery is quite tasty, particularly the craft beers from the Aspen Brewing Company menu that I review below. Brewing good beer, however, is only the tip of the iceberg. Aspen Brewing Company also features one of the best views in town, thus their tagline, "Drink in the View." 

When it comes to the best après ski in Aspen, I can definitely get behind drinking good craft beer while taking in the beautiful mountain topography.

Who couldn't!?

Beer just tastes better when you drink it in its own element especially when that element includes regular live music. 

Live Music at Aspen Brewing Company

Aspen Brewing Might Be the Best Après Ski in Aspen

Each week Aspen Brewing Company features live music from local and traveling bands.

Talk about a great Aspen après ski party.

The combination of frosty beers, a beautiful view and live music is fast making Aspen Brewing Company everyone's go-to location for the best après ski in Aspen.

In fact, "If the snow is just right, you can actually ski across town and to our front door. If you're really good, you can ski down our frosty front stairs," said Clauss. Somewhat tongue in cheek, adding, "This makes us an 'experts only' - ski in, ski out brewery." 

Aspen Brewing Company

Ski in ski out brewery aside, Aspen Brewing Company is one of the best après ski bars in Aspen. The combination of great beer, incredible views and regular live music is exactly what you are looking for at the end of the ski day.

To top it off, Aspen Brewing Company happens to be run by some really great down-to-earth people who enjoy brewing up seriously good beers in the heart of the Aspen ski area. Turns out Aspen isn't so bougie after all. 

Tasting Beers From Aspen Brewing Company's Menu

Independence Pass IPA Aspen Brewing Company


It's not often that you see a sour beer as the house session beer. That's what makes Silver City so unique. I have grown more accustomed to this beer style recently and Silver City is quite refreshing. I really enjoyed the bright lemon flavors created by the dry hop addition of Centennial hops. It gives it touch of tartness that is not overbearing like some other sours can be. Combine that with the low ABV and you have a one of kind session beer that you can enjoy throughout après ski in Aspen. 


2015 US Open Beer Championship Silver Medal

Let's be honest, who doesn't love this season's blonde? I am talking about the beer of course. It is honestly one of the best renditions of this style that I have tasted. The combination of fruit and bread flavors is well balances and highly refreshing. It's the perfect après-ski beer and one that would be my go to beer choice if I lived need Aspen Brewing Company. 


2016 World Beer Cup Gold Medal - English Style India Pale Ale

Named after Aspen's eastern boundary and highest elevation, the Independence Pass Ale is a local favorite. It is a really good IPA. Not a total hop bomb, Independence Pass is a well balanced combination of fruit and caramel flavors that will have you craving more, but be careful if you do. Far from a session beer, having a few too many at your next Aspen après party could definitely make you as delirious as spending too much time at that elevation. 

Pairing Craft Beer With the Perfect Apres Ski T-Shirt

Sure most people will be pretty dressed up for apres ski in Aspen, but that doesn't mean you have to be. In fact, I'm sure the guys at Aspen Brewing Company would appreciate you even more if you showed up with a great ski t-shirt, like our If You Don't Apres Ski T-Shirt. It's the perfect pairing for craft beer with a view. 

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